Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i don't wanna lose your love tonight

So the dentist yesterday...left all my teeth in my head. Which was unexpected. Apparently I don't have ONE cavity. No fillings, no root canals, no nothing. I do have to go back for a second cleaning because they need SPECIAL tools to remove all the cement from my permanent retainers (both of which fell off a few years ago because my orthodontist was completely crap). Also I have to floss TWICE per day for the forseeable future. My gums are in flames I guess.
This is just. I don't understand. I haven't seen a dentist in 13 years, at LEAST. And for most of those years, I didn't brush my teeth. College? Nah. Post-college? Sometimes. I got a little better once The Foliage and I moved in together, but I really only became GOOD about it (and now I'm very good) after getting married. Logic says my teeth should be glorified swiss cheese by now.
I mean, I'm super excited about it. But also I was emotionally prepared to leave that dentist's office with dentures. So. A little let down.
One thing that's weird is apparently my top gum is broken? The dentist said it looked like I'd had a cleft palate, which is not the case. It only occurred to me last night that that was probably due to my orthodontia. One of the appliances I had in my face as a teenager expanded the roof of my mouth. It was TERRIBLE. Not the worst of the appliances, but pretty awful. I had to stick a key-thing in my mouth, and crank this gear-deal to widen my palate a leeeeeeeettle bit every day. It seemed like an unnecessary thing at the time, and now I'm almost CERTAIN it was.
In other news: starting a savings account for kids' orthodontia now. Feel free to send donations.

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Sarah said...

That's FANTASTIC news! (Well, not the crap orthodontia bit...)

Also ... jealous. I'm still dealing with all the work it is taking to correct the damage the wisdom teeth I "didn't have" (stupid childhood dentist) did.

Who did you end up seeing?