Monday, May 21, 2012

just do it

Over the weekend, The Foliage and I took an introduction to sailing course through Skillshare, which is THE COOLEST site ever. Or it will be, once more types of classes are added. But that's up to each community. So. Teach a class, people!

Even though we've been sailing plenty of times before, it was nice to go out on a body of water we don't know, in a type of boat we hadn't used before, with someone who instructs differently than my father. Apparently NOBODY actually says "Ready, coming about!" and then "Hardalee" or "Jibe ho"! Which was, lemme tell ya, a shock to me. It was the instructor's first time teaching a group, and the wind went from super erratic to....gone. So the whole session was a little choppy. But still fun. And I learned more technical stuff about using the wind than I'd known before.

And now I'm thinking about teaching a class. Looking at Skillshare before, I'd wondered what I could teach. (Because of course I feel an overwhelming responsibility to pay knowledge-sharing forward. Duh.) I know TONS of stuff that no one else seems to (what do you MEAN you didn't grow up DIYing your entire life???), but I couldn't think of anything I know well enough to be an authority on the subject. While we were on the boat, a couple of the other students mentioned sewing as an interest. I know sewing! I can totally teach that!

My idea for a course is this: A two or three-hour class, bring your sewing machine if you have one, otherwise take turns on mine. This means I'd probably teach 5 people MAX at a time. That could get nuts otherwise. I'd charge $20 or $25 per person, but I'd provide the materials for the class. We'd make slipcovers for throw pillows and learn to hem pants. Which was specifically mentioned (on the boat) as something people want to learn to do.

So in one introductory class, people would get a basic overview of a sewing machine, threading it, how to fight with a bobbin and win, getting comfortable with seams, learn the importance of ironing fabric BEFORE DOING OTHER STUFF. I'd provide fabric and pillow forms, and pants/skirts from the thrift store to practice hemming. I thought about suggesting people bring their own hemming-needs-items, but then I'd have to have ALL THE COLORS of thread, so.

Thoughts? Ideas for alternate projects/class durations or locations/skills to be taught? Anyone wanna collaborate on teaching a more involved, longer (probably daytime on a weekend) course?


Rachel said...

umm I have no thoughts other than PLZ DO THIS CLASS. I have a sewing machine that's never seen the light of day.

ceejus said...

You'd be cool with lugging it to White Flint? I could make ye olde spouse pick up people with machines at the station so you they wouldn't have to carry it on the 10 minute walk to the house, I guess...