Tuesday, May 15, 2012

rumor has it

Some probably-overwrought, somewhat-obvious observations from yesteday's rainy hike:
-Nature is beautiful at all times, in all seasons and circumstances.
-Manufactured environments (cities, things that have been paved, man-made lakes) are only beautiful in certain situations. The wrong situations make them look like death.
-In nature, getting ahead means submitting. Realizing you are small. Using what you are given.
-In business, getting ahead requires some amount of manipulation, conscious or not. And on some level seeing yourself as better than other people. Maybe even seeing yourself as the best.
-I wonder if the above two have anything to do with reduced religiosity/increased atheism in urban centers.
-That's based on personal experience, not published statistics.
-I should learn how to work our camera better. And also use it more.
-"Is that a dead fish?" "I don't know, maybe." "Poke it!" "What? No YOU poke it." "ON IT." "I was...that wasn't a serious suggest-oh geez you're doing it." "It's a dead fish." "Great."
-We live in a place surrounded by beauty.
-If you show up to a park at 7:30pm, a park ranger will make you stop your car to tell you that SERIOUSLY they're closing in half an hour. But he will also very solemnly nod his understanding when you express you just HAD to get out for a walk.
-If you then actually leave on time, you'll realize the only thing stopping you would've been orange cones. And you'll feel like a sucker.
-Maybe next time you can check your email AFTER the hike. Ze internetz don't close at 8:10. Parks do.
In summary: I love doing stuff with my husband, and I'm becoming increasingly disturbed by the amount of time I spend downtown. It seems so innocuous and normal until all of a sudden it doesn't. I need more time away from concrete and buildings and crowds. Luckily I married a puppy, so he's pretty much always down with activities. Especially if frisbees are involved.

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Erin said...

Hooray for evening hikes! But, question: are you the dead fish poker? Because between J & I, I'm always the one poking the dead things ;)