Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So I think I'm a libertarian? Or something? Here are the facts:
-I hate that government regulates SOME things (see: raw milk) but not OTHERS (see: GMOs).
But also I have no problem with property taxes. Or, really, income tax. Would it be nicer to pay less? Sure. But I'm OK with contributing my share to provide public services like the court system and libraries. Also I love that welfare exists. LOVE. I don't love that WIC/general poverty provides people with sub-par food, but that probably directly relates to fact #3, above. And I definitely am in favor of any rules that promote fair pay/opportunities for minorities, as well as anything that discourages corporate monopolies.
I don't know what this means for my life. It makes me feel a little nauseated. But The Foliage and I finished watching this season of "Parks and Rec" last night, and I found myself nodding to Ron Swanson's sentiments A LOT. You know. The character that's supposed to be a ridiculous parody? Is apparently my soulmate. Crap.
What would actually happen if government were mostly removed from our day-to-day lives? Also. And I totally already thought this, but. Big corporations that buy their way through regulations and get legislators in their pockets should be burned to the fcking ground. Also maybe let's swap out a bunch of prisoners (for stupid things, not violent crimes, duh) for crappy legislators in our penal institutions.
Can we just agree that Occupiers and Libertarians are the same thing? The only thing separating us, I think, are extreme religious ideals (I'm counting disdain for religion as a religious ideal). And DEAR EVERYONE (I'm looking at you, Middle East and my father-in-law): RELIGION-BASED ARGUMENTS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS COMPLETELY POINTLESS. I suck at history, but I'm fairly certain that any history book about any location or period ever for the duration of recorded time will back me up on this. So let's just team up and boycott the jerkface URBN conglomerate. And then do a little beekeeping, maybe.


Jo said...

I love that you're Ron Swanson.

I also love that I can have friends that I don't see 1000% eye to eye on and yet I can still respect their views.

Leah said...

I feel kinda the same way. And sadly, I think alot of our issues come from organized religion completely FAILING society as a whole. It's not lost on me that 90% of Christians are in opposition of governmental provision of lower classes when in reality, isn't that what Jesus did? So yeah you aren't the only one fighting political confusion.