Tuesday, June 26, 2012

oh so crunchy

Today marks my 2nd Weekaversary of using the Oil Cleansing Method, and...it's amazing. WHY have I spent so much time and money on products and treatments to battle my misbehaving pores, when all I needed were castor and olive oils? It pisses me off if I think about it too much, so I won't. But the bottom line to my entire life as of late seems to be: naturally occurring oils and fats are the answer. Like, every single time. So thanks, marketing, for promoting really half-assed research and convincing me to try Neutrogena's entire product line, and bake with gobs of Crisco. Really. You're a doll.
So, more specifically, and in less acerbic (I hope) terms, here are the specifics of what this has meant for me:
First, I mixed 1 part castor oil and 1 part olive oil in a small jar. I added a few drops of lavender essential oil as well.
Each night, I let the bathroom water heat up, and while that's happening, rub the oil mixture onto my face. It even removes eye makeup! Seriously.
Then I soak a washcloth in the hot water, and hold it over my face and neck where the oil's been applied. I leave it on for about 60 seconds. I'm usually also mouthwashing at this time because I like to multitask. I also like full disclosure.
After approximately 60 seconds, I use the washcloth to wipe off the oil.
Then I rinse the wash cloth and hang it up to dry.
Each morning, I use a (separate) washcloth in the shower, towards the end, after my skin's been steamed for several minutes. I just wipe my face with the dampened washcloth. No website recommends this. I just miss the exfoliating component of face-washing, and I don't think it's hurting anything.
Aaaaaand that's it. I know. My skincare routine time is, I don't know, 20% of what it used to be? Maybe less? And the my skin is not greasy at ALL. Even this past Sunday, I was out in 100 degree heat for HOURS and my face wasn't any more slick than it was when I was using exfoliant and toner. I've almost completely stopped wearing makeup. Once in a while I'll use a little bit of concealer, but other than that, just powder. Oh, and eye makeup, because without eye liner and mascara I look like cholera on legs. So. That's important. If you look like cholera on legs, no one will make out with you. Important life tip.
I think the main difference is that it allows my skin to breathe. Which is weird, because lipids are all about stopping air flow, yes? Or something. I failed chemistry a BUNCH of times, so I have no idea. But I'm pretty sure that's A Thing. Anyway, I'd been using oil-free cleansers, followed by gritty exfoliant, followed by an astringent or toner, and (a relatively recent addition) rounded out with moisturizer. So I was taking a ton of steps to dehydrate my skin, and then trying to undo some of the drying. But my skin was getting worse, seemingly on a daily basis. As my blemishes' life spans ended, they hung around as dried-out scabby monsters. It feels as though putting oil on my skin causes the skin over blemishes to be soothed and softened, so then they can then breathe and heal faster. That's how it feels. Again, I have no idea what's actually happening. But it's incredible.
I'm curious about the baking soda and vinegar hair treatment, but...I'm really vain about my hair and currently have no complaints about my products (except that water runoff would be toxic to plants, so for future hypothetical products would ruin our grey water). So that one's a maybe. For later.
Another SUPER AWESOME thing that's happened in our house recently is "8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home." It assumes that your home's pretty neat already, and that everything's where it's supposed to be. Currently our home is for the most part, but I keep visualizing our home in a few years, and I'm already lamenting what an overwhelming mess it is. I have no illusions about the messiness of children. My sisters and I were ridiculous. Crusts and half-finished juice glasses everywhere! I vividly remember being charged with cleaning up the playroom once, and finding a plastic cup (thank you, Pizza Hut!) filled with what had once been milk. So many colors! It also assumes you've got a crapload of kids and that your life involves home schooling them. On the related days (for example, childrens' books), I've switched out things like "liquor supply" and "power tools." Which, coincidentally, are some of my favorite things to combine.
But for now, we're OK with picking up after ourselves. Yesterday was Day 1 - cutlery and kitchen accessories in drawers. I got rid of so. much. stuff. Our counter-space has increased by maybe 50% because I ditched so many redundant utensils, which eliminated the need for utensil-holders on the counter. I started getting into the appliances, but had to stop myself from going too far on the list. I want to make sure it's a SHORT exercise EVERY DAY. Not a one-time marathon, never to happen again. Today's is storage containers, and dishes and glasses. I already did it this morning. I was so excited. And I'm so pumped to list things for sale! I have a once-used sushi set and a never-used sake set, which will be SO COOL to package together! I'm planning on putting together a few things like silverware, spatulas, knives, etc. and listing it as a "starter kitchen package" perfect for a college student or first apartment.
It always surprises me how hard it is to make decisions about what to keep and what to give away, though. This morning I was going through all our glassware, and GAH it was difficult. Some of those glasses were gifts! Some I stole from bars with jerky bartenders! Some are parts of really cute sets! But then I think about our parties and how, no matter the sophistication level of our bar cart, almost everyone ends up with a beer. In a bottle. Soooooo goodbye, thrifted martini glasses, and pint glasses won at trivia night! Farewell champagne flutes and wine glasses I bought to establish myself as a grown-up! Bon voyage shot glasses I jammed into my purse after a bartender was condescending! I bid you all adieu.
Watch your backs, appliances. The clock is ticking.


Erin said...

I'm on two weeks of oil cleansing too, and my skin hasn't looked this good since I was 10. No kidding. I think it's going to take a few months to totally balance out and heal all the blemishes, but I'll take every step of improvement. And bonus, my skin feels GOOD instead of like I'm fighting with it all the time. So glad it's working for you, and good for you for spreading the word! No more money for you, corporate beeyotches!

Leah said...

For the record, I have no = zero glasses in my hour so if you're looking for a good home, I know one. Lol