Friday, July 6, 2012

untitled dude

I am currently, finally, creating our wedding albums. For ourselves, the parents and the grandparents. And oh man. One of the most miserable tasks of life. On the one hand, super fun, because I get to go through our amazing wedding photos over and over and over again! On the other...I have to go through the photos over. and over. and over. again. And "throw out" invariably amazing photos because they won't all fit. It is exhausting and stressful.

But I'm going to be SO relieved when it's not on my to-do list anymore.

Exciting: this place is really close to our house and they have weekly services! Seriously?? A worship center specifically designed for Jewish-Christian interfaith families? Oh MAN I am gonna tear those discussions UP!


kelzs said...

Don't throw them out. Keep them for later or give them to other family members. You can do all kind of crafts with old pictures like make tree decorations with them or fridge magnets.

The Foliage said...

Haha, Kelly she didn't mean actually throwing out physical photos. They're all digital. She just means removing them from the online book creator.

Ellie said...

Cedar Lane Unitarian Church is also a great place for interfaith families - half the kids in my Sunday School class were from interfaith families.