Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a few things

Used to be if my lower stomach felt this sticky outy and solid, it was because I'd eaten 3 bags of tortilla chips and 2 jars of salsa. (Yes. That happened. More than once. I'm not ashamed.) Today is the first day I've worn maternity pants, and they are WEIRD. I also look more pregnant than I ever have before in them. Only 11 weeks. This is early to seriously be showing, right? I'm caught in a strange place between wanting to suck in my stomach (even though it is now beyond suckable), and pushing it out so I can look legitimately pregnant. But I'm paranoid that will just make me look like I had a fight with lunch and lunch won. I cannot WAIT to be visibly pregnant. I will get ALL THE SEATS on the metro! It will be glorious. My Granna told me she wore maternity clothes, "Way before I needed to. I was just so excited about the whole thing." Which was kind of surprising to me. For various reasons.
Also I had a dream last night that The Foliage was super annoyed with me, and made out with someone else! And I was mostly just mad he wouldn't turn down the volume on the TV. But then that girl was a total jerk to me, so I beat her up. And she still was all eye-rolly at me! When I woke up at 6am I was FURIOUS at how little she respected me. As the WIFE of the DUDE she was macking on HELLO! Also I told him (in real life) what I'd done to her (in the dream) and he was a little terrified. Dream me doesn't mess around, yo! Don't step to this subconscious!
Man I want garlicky pasta sauce so badddddddd.
My weight hasn't changed since getting knocked up, really. But my stomach is growing pretty rapidly. And I don't think I'm losing any fat. Which can only mean I'm losing muscle. All signs point to my butt. Which I have deemed "smooshy." Every muscle that has ever been in my butt has been HARD-EARNED, people. This is not an area that my body wants to be shapely. So UGH I guess I should get back to working out again. We rearranged the furniture a few weeks ago, and it's been tougher to do my barre DVDs. But also I'm a master of excuses and FINE JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN I KNOW. Hopefully I can have some more terrible dreams and wake up early enough to get my sweat on! That'll be exciting.
Mom and Dad are visiting this weekend, and are bringing the top tier of our wedding cake!!! Oh, man. I am so excited. About the cake. It's so delicious! My Granna made it, and it's a CITRUS RAINBOW CAKE. Yeah, that's right. Are you jealous? 'Cause you should be. Also my parents are great and stuff.
Remember when teachers would take off points if you started a sentence with "and"? That was so dumb.

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Leah said... I might hurt a puppy for a piece of that cake right now.