Monday, September 10, 2012

unless we get a little crazy

It's really annoying that our legal address can't change from Delaware to Maryland until October 30th. Because that isn't enough time to change our addresses and vote on Maryland issues on November 6th. Gay marriage! Casino! The representatives that affect where WE live! Ughhhhhhhh. We have to do absentee ballot ish for Delaware instead. Also annoying: when you google "Delaware" most of the resuts are for Delaware, Ohio. MOST annoying: I have a lot of friends who live in DC, and they don't get to vote at all. Which is just 100% ridiculous. Taxation without representation? Um...?
But most things are annoying to me these days. Apparently this is a common pregnancy issue. And for someone who started out with as mercurial a temper as mine...this is pretty dangerous. For, like, our pans. And my, um, spouse. Here is when my moods are always the worst: the morning (then when I'm hungry and when I'm tired, in that order). Here is how my dreams are now: super cuddly and snoogley and awesome. So I'm superhappyawesome and then BAM! Awake. Annoyed. Very recently awesome, and aware of it. It is all sorts of first world problem, until I throw a (cast iron) pan and maim my husband. Though that's unlikely. Those things are so oddly weighted! I'd never be able to aim it properly. Unless I was trying not to hit him, in which case, I don't know. Could be dangerous.
Maintaining my own temper has been a lifelong struggle, so I'm just going to have to get more better at it. Because it's that easy. Of course.
Here are awesome things from this weekend:

My sister "headlined" at a poetry night thing! Got a great response from the crowd. Her poems are great already, but they really kill as spoken-word. With the voices and sometimes-songs and explanations (which may or may not average 12x the length of the poem itself).

I made sourdough bread that's actually like sourdough bread! After consultation with my Granna, it seems that I let the first rise go too long, but the point of this recipe is to let the flour soak for a long time, to break down the antinutrients in it. And that's supposed to happen during rise #1. So. I don't know how to get around this. Maybe a different type of flour would work out better. It ended up pretty dense, but did bake all the way through, so I'm pleased. Great for sandwiches. 

We met our new landlords and saw the new house again. Good news! We still love it and are wicked excited to move in! Also the landlords are super nice and want to fix tons of stuff! We'll see whether or not they have the time/money/energy to actually make these repairs, but whatevs. We signed the application for the as-is house, so any upgrades they do are just bonuses for us.

Potentially handy: the wife kept telling me about the neighbors and their histories. Eventually I realized the neighbors she was talking about were either dead or didn't live there anymore. Because that's how super old people roll. WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOMEONE ELSE LIVES THERE NOW THAT DOESN'T MATTER. At least I now know which houses to avoid for possible hauntings (read: the house directly behind ours holy EFF).  

Also we were there for over an hour and a half, and there's NO furniture or food in the house, so preggo here had to interrupt Mrs. Landlady at one point to sit down on the floor. Because that's not weird! Everyone! Keep going about your business! Don't mind me, just need to take a little rest on the kitchen tile! Sigh. Thanks, baby. You're a pal.
The Lions won against the Rams on the First Sunday of football! I really need some legit Lions gear. I clearly understand the word "need."
I've popped? I don't know. On Sunday I woke up and was decided LARGER than I had been before. This whole kid business could probably still be passed off as too many nachos (not a thing), but it's getting a lot closer to looking like a pregnancy. I'm now wearing maternity pants exclusively. Here's the thing about maternity pants: the stretchy part get stretched out. Really fast. And then it's saggy. And your pants are constantly falling down. I got a LOT of clothes off of CraigsList, which was awesome, and included a TON of pants/jeans. But it seems like only a few of the pairs of pants are actually viable. Unless I get a few inches shorter or gain WAY more weight than I'm expecting to. Also the shirts are all, like, parachute-shaped? If I'm going to wear maternity clothes, I want to look like I need them. I'm not wearing tents to hide my belly. Maybe in future pregnancies I'll feel like hiding behind huge panels of fabric, but not for this one. Sooooo I think I need to go through and get rid of a lot of the clothes. Along with all the stuff left over from the...
Clothes swap! In my living room. Holy majoli so many clothes. So. Many. Clothes. Goal for tonight: bag and donate the clothes. Also books we don't want to move. Then we can start packing. Oh, didn't I mention? We haven't packed ANYTHING. I put a bunch of our Good Wine in a box. Aaaaand that's it. And our new lease starts this Saturday. Luckily (or not, whatever) we have until the middle of October to be out of the current place. But we really need to try and be mostly in the new place over the next two weekends. After that, weekends are pretty busy. Even THOSE weekends we're pretty busy. Ugh I hate moving.
And also football at family's! Apparently we're getting cable at the new place, so maybe we'll alternate hosting. But I'm pretty much in anywhere there's guacamole and salsa. So.

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