Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a few notes to ze kid

1. Daddy and I got a puppy! He is THE cutest. You have a lot of competition, so step up your game in there. His name is Louis Tully and we'll make sure you get the reference as soon as you have the attention span for movie-watching. There may or may not be more pressure on you to nail down Ghostbusters trivia than there will be for you to get good grades. Or a job.
(Just kidding, get a fcking job already.)
2. I'm totally slacking on the parenting prep reading. And nursery decorating. And everything.
2a. Reading Game of Thrones. ACTUALLY finished Game of Thrones, now on Clash of Kings. Not because they're necessarily good, but Mama gets just the teensiest bit addicted to plotlines, and has to see them all the way through to the end. She also read the entire Twilight series. Spoiler alert: They were terrible. The main defense of these books is that the main characters didn't have premarital sex, I believe. Look, kid. I would rather you have premarital (consensual, safe) sex than become obsessed with a pedophiliac sociopath. Seriously. I'll start a birth-control-fund for you now.
2b. Please see point #1. Louis Tully is just THE CUTEST and I just want to squish his face all the times!!
3. So. How's it going in there? You just experienced a 4 day sugar rush, combined with the surging adrenaline of terror, so sorry about that. (Good idea: stocking up on junk food and nothing else when a hurricane's coming THE NEXT DAY. More different good idea: watching a crazy scary movie as you're counting down the moments to a power outage. And just got a dog that makes weird noises around corners where you can't see him.) I'm working on getting back on track, but also your kicks are pretty sporadic, and I don't quite know what to make of that.
Miscellaneous other stuff:
-If I suck in my stomach, I can look not pregnant. And I was 19 weeks a couple days ago. So I feel like I should be a lot bigger. I KNOW I KNOW I'll be regretting these words in a little while, but COME ON I just want to look legit pregnant.
-Maybe goes under point #1, but we FOUND LOUIS TULLY'S BROTHER!! Or one of them. I was walking him a few days ago, and some people stopped me, confused that I had somehow stolen their dog. This other nearly identical. Same age, same history (high-kill shelter in West VA until being rescued and fostered), both have double dewclaws (which is apparently super rare). We introduced them, and they were in PLAYTIME HEAVEN. And these people live just around the corner! Every time we walk by now, LT tries to bolt for the yard. His name is Potter, by the by. So both named after fictional characters. Word.
-The Foliage is in a wedding in 1.5 weeks, so I need to nail down a rehearsal dinner AND superfancy wedding outfit. I think I have options for both, but I need to try them on to confirm. And also maybe start working out again, because all I've been doing lately is walking the dog.

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Must have puppy pictures.