Wednesday, November 14, 2012

don't think bon iver has a song about this

Last night The Foliage felt Sprout kicking for the first time. Before then I'd put his hand on my stomach during kicks, but all he could feel was my pulse. But last night apparently the kid started a marathon training program? Or decided that s/he is in a super squishy hamster wheel? So. Suddenly very easy to feel even if you're not me! That was exciting.
For now, this is very cool. Really not looking forward to those tiny bones getting longer and becoming more solid.
Re: "more solid" one time in Freshman year of high school, I was in English class, and the teacher was going around the room having us give examples of adjectives. Which, reading that now, sounds like the most ridiculously elementary (elementary!) task ever, but we WERE in rural Southern Ohio, and English wasn't high on most kids' priority lists. The teacher got annoyed with the poor offerings and abruptly turned to me for my contribution, saying something about how I know words.  Or something.
And, of course, I panicked and got flustered, because that's what I do when unexpectedly addressed, and felt the desk's surface under my hand and after what felt like a very dramatic pause said "hard" which made the popular boy in front of me laugh his ASS off.
And THAT my friends is how to save face when the teacher calls you out for being smart (sidenote to teachers: for fuck's sake stop doing that) - accidentally play the ditz/sex card. THE END.

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