Tuesday, November 13, 2012

dream big

I don't care who General (ex-General I guess) Petraus has slept with. Like even a little bit. Can we just, as the people of the world in non-leadership positions, resign ourselves to the fact that most of our leaders aren't super awesome at monogamy? It's just so goddamned COMMON that I can't believe it's ever an issue anymore. Like a tabloid saying celebrities look terrible in their bathing suits - sure, whatever, I guess, I'd just like to pay for my groceries, please.
Of course if we did that, some politicians clinging to their so-called-Christianity would be totally screwed, and others would be ever-so-slightly less hypocritical. DOESN'T THAT SOUND NICE?! I know. It super does. Also maybe the public could give the slut-shaming a fcking rest.
We are going to The Keys this month, the week after Thanksgiving. Come rob our house! Psyche don't do that. We've looked up some activities/restaurants, but suggestions are welcome. We're staying in the mid-Keys area.
Here are things I want to happen before we leave:
-Organize the basement
-Make snacks for our travel days
-Sell some pieces of furniture
-Return stuff to some stores
-Buy other stuff/furniture
-Make more lists because lists are my favorite
And Louis Tully's first obedience class is this Sunday! So exciting. He's so good, mostly, but also can be a GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE ASS. Like how yesterday he chewed through a lamp cord. The lamp was plugged in. Seems as though his spit got through before he made contact with the wire and shorted the circuit. THANK THE LORD.
On Saturday we took him downtown, and on the drive home (after I'd dropped The Foliage off to get ready for the super fancy wedding he was in) the dog threw up FIVE TIMES IN FORTY MINUTES. On the leather interior. Still seems like it was for no reason.
It's just been a whirlwind of magical, magical dog-ownership. It blows my mind that an animal that is either crated or monitored 99% of the time can be so destructive.
The rest of my brainspace is currently devoted to trying to figure out what's going to happen next in the Game of Thrones books because now I am that person and I don't want to hear about it, but The Foliage better get a move on and finish reading the first book so we can start watching the show already, because SO HELP ME no one will make me miss seeing Adam Scott mostly or completely naked. No. One. No. How.


Jo said...

Have a great time on vacation!!

So glad Louis is okay.

ejemily said...

Why are you under the impression that Adam Scott gets naked?