Friday, November 2, 2012

here's a weird thing

If I were my mom's friend in 1984/5, I totes would've told her to get an abortion. So she could finish school. So she could not be tied to her current boyfriend forever and ever. I would have driven her to the clinic and helped her pay for the procedure.
And that is with the knowledge that my parents' marriage ended up great. And my life is awesome and I love it. And I have a great relationship with my parents.
I would still give exactly the same advice. Because that decision had absolutely nothing to do with me, and everything to do with her. She was not choosing ME or her life, she was choosing not her life (as she knew it) or her life. Adoption would not have been an option with either of their parents involved (and they would have been me). I personally believe I would've been born another time, but that's just me.
I spoke recently with a friend who's pro-life because she was adopted and could have easily been aborted instead. I get it. That's an intense thing to think about for your entire life. But I dunno. I could've been too. It's true of every person, they just aren't always so aware of it. Keeping a baby is always a choice, on some level.
Anyway. Weird.


Beth Bault said...

I'm adopted but am totally pro-choice in that holy fuck I couldn't do what my birth parents did. That's some crazy dedication/love I don't have. And would it have been within their rights to have aborted me? Fuck yeah.

Interestingly, I believe I'm the result of the specific combo of THAT egg and THAT sperm so I wouldn't exist otherwise...

Jo said...


My friend is adopted, and found out at 18 that her bio mom was raped. She's mega pro-choice.

I'm very pro-choice. You deserve the CHOICE, I'm not making you exercise it.