Tuesday, November 20, 2012

how can you stand it

I mostly don't care about people's comments about the kid or me or whatever. The general public has mostly left me alone regarding my pregnancy, which has been AWESOME. And the unsolicited comments I do get don't phase me. I read those "what not to say to a pregnant lady" articles and I scoff. Because who cares? I could be due any day now. I could be having twins. Whatevs.
But there is this one lady. Oh, goodness. Everything she says makes me want to hit her. And she always has something to say.
Example 1:
I was at my desk, probably 13 weeks or so. She came over to talk to me, and I said something to the effect of, "I haven't gained any weight, but I feel like my belly is growing SO FAST." She says, "I'm sorry, it's what you're eating. It's the junk."
Oh, I forgot to mention, her "shtick" is that she says crazy things and then stares at you while everyone around cracks up at JUST HOW BRAZEN she is, often accompanied by a completely not genuine "I'm sorry." Also, she sits on the other side of the office and never sees what I eat. Which is generally very healthy, and during the first semester was not a lot.
I just sort of "Oh. Hmm. Maybe."-ed through it. But good gracious. I wanted to kick her in the shins.
Example 2:
Last week I went into the kitchen to heat up my lunch (a healthy lunch OF COURSE), and she was asking some questions about the kid blah blah blahhhh and says, "I'm sorry, but you are gonna carry this baby ALL over. It's not gonna be the cute little bump." To which I responded, "Yeah. I know. I was never narrowly built. I was never gonna have a basketball-shaped baby bump." But to which I WANTED to respond, "HOW 'BOUT YOU FCK OFF, LADY."
I would also like to note that the dress I was wearing that day was flowyish, and didn't give a lot of definition to my stomach. But also, fck off lady.
Other people's comments? Cool. No big deal. Of course they're also not complete jerks, so that helps. I feel like I'm being overly sensitive, though. But ALSO since when is it cool to just make unsolicited comments about another person's body? Especially ones that constantly imply the absence of cute? And she has kids! She's been a pregnant person! She knows what a weird time pregnancy is body-image-wise!
Ugh. People.


Jo said...

What the FUCK?!

I'm sorry that she's a bitch.

UseYourWords said...

Sounds like a jealousy/insecurity situation. Maybe she was terrible at pregnancy and/or insecure about herself as a parent, and feels threatened by your confidence in yourself. Which doesn't excuse the bitchiness at all (jerk) - you've earned that confidence! If anything it means you can keep putting her in her place as often as possible! And/or spread some vicious rumor about her.