Monday, November 5, 2012

raindrops on roses

We have owned our house in Delaware for 3 years!! Which means that I have been blogging longer than 3 years. Which is nuts. But to the point: we don't have to legally live there anymore!
Here is some stuff we're going to do now (or after the 1st of the year...need to figure out the tax implications of timing):
-Legally move to Maryland
-Change all of our checking accounts to ONE credit union account
-Yeah, we could've done that already, but it just seemed easier to do it once we had one local address on record
-Other stuff. I don't know. That might be it, actually.
Sadly, this is happening after the election, so I can't vote on the issues that Maryland lobbyists have been PAYING SO MUCH MONEY TO PUT IN MY FACE.
Here's how I would vote if I could:
-Question 3: undecided. I guess for it. (removing elected officials from office automatically if found guilty of a crime...this has to have other ramifications, though, like who steps in? And which crimes?) I'd leave it blank.
-Question 4, to allow children who have immigrated to MD to continue in the public school system: yes. For crissakes.
-Queston 5, redistricting: meh, I guess I'm opposed. Would leave it blank probably.
-Question 6, gay marriage: FOR. VOTE FOR. DO IT IMMEDIATELY.
-Question 7, gambling in MD: NO. Holy eff no. Have you ever been to a casino surrounded by nice? You have not. Because casinos ruin economies. They create hundreds of minimum wage jobs, kill property values, and create areas with ridiculous levels of crime. Want to see terrible income distribution in action? Visit Atlantic City. Madre de Dios.
-Questions A and B both sound good to me.
I am so jealous of everyone voting in Maryland. LE SIGH. Also REALLY pulling for Prop 37 to win in California, which would require labeling of GMOs PLEEEEEASE LET IT HAPPENNNNNNN!!
Also I reeeeeeally want people who don't care to stay away from the election. But you're not allowed to say this. Voting is your right! Your responsibility! You know what else is your responsibility? Doing some effing research before you show up to vote. Also (as seen above) you can just NOT vote on issues if you're not informed/decided.
My parents and [one of my] sister[s] visited this weekend and MAN so much political discussion! So exhausting! But I do really and truly loathe apathy, so. Better than that, I guess.
Other stuff:
-My grandparents and aunt and uncle on Long Island are OK! Without gasoline or power and trees blocking driveways and showering at the YMCA and could really use a shave, but OK!
-Got to work this morning, was putting cream cheese on a bagel and a GIGANTIC wad of spit fell out of my mouth, onto my lap. Like, more saliva than I've ever seen come out of any human at one time in my life. How did I not feel that lurking in there?! I never even had that "oh, shit, drool time!" feeling. No idea what this means. Can't be good.
-I'll post videos of the dog being tortured by us soon. He's so so good at being tortured, I can't even stand it.

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