Monday, November 19, 2012

weekend update

Organized the basement. Which was a scary, looming task. I'd built several days of prep-sorting into last week's schedule, to make the final push over the weekend easier. Then we didn't do ANY of the prep sessions. But we got it done in, like, 2 hours? Maybe less? All on Saturday afternoon. Amazing.
I also made super healthy crockpot chicken, but then Leslie said "waffle tower" on "Parks and Rec" so we went to Eggspectations for dinner, where I got an eggs benedict dish with a waffle on the bottom.
Win some, lose some.
We love love love our gold couch and armchair, but decided to sell them before the baby comes (22 weeks today, madre de dios), in favor of heartier upholstery and something better for curling up while I nurse the thing endlessly. So listed the set for sale on CraigsList and fell in love with the Karlstad couch at Ikea, in dark grey fabric. The couch is really comfortable, and you can personalize the layout completely, which is great.
Saturday. The Foliage came across a couch on CraigsList in the Karlstad line, in our upholstery, for $150. Emailed and got dibs. Rented a ZipCar to tow it. Picked it up, then went to Ikea (with returns from our wardrobe adventures last month) to get an additional piece we wanted. Total for our new sectional couch, with transportation and returns, was $515. That setup retails for $900 not including delivery/vehicle rental. So we got it for about 50%. Ummmmm so much pride. It's ridiculous.
Yesterday attended our first dog obedience class. Without the dog. Because the first class is for listening to the teacher, not obsessing over your puppy. (Yes. We would've obsessed.) I feel pretty good about what we've done so far, and I'm so so glad to be getting legit advice about what to do in situations that totally stump me. Also we'll apparently be able to just use hand gestures with him by the end, which is incredible.
Weird: the instructor brings her dog to class with her. It's a 13 month old Pyrenese and this thing is GIGANTIC. Holy CRAP. Really pretty and sweet, but good gracious. And she said something about a conversation she had with her breeder. And I just don't understand dog lover people who go to breeders. I'm a dog LIKER not necessarily a dog LOVER, but people who are all about animal rights and shit and making sure they stay all alive or just confuses me so much. And it distracted me during the class, trying to reconcile this in my head. But I guess it's none of my business.
Oh, other fun thing this weekend! Got a vase as a housewarming gift a few weeks ago. It's very nice, but we don't really need a vase, especially not one from Crate & Barrel, so we took it to the mall to return it. The lady rung up the return and told us we could only have store credit. And I could have SWORN C&B credits were useable at Williams Sonoma, but apparently that's Pottery Barn and I'm the whitest person who ever lived. Anyway, I was annoyed, so I turned to The Foliage and just sort of shrugged and said, "FINE let's look around, I guess." Cashier lady was not. pleased. But come on! What can you buy for $20ish dollars there?! Rolls of wrapping paper are $8 each, and have hardly any paper on them. And the patterns weren't even that innovative! Pathetic. We ended up getting some candied almonds and pine tree candles that'll look cute with our nativity scene.
Lastly, we discovered last night our dog is TERRIFIED of the vaccuum cleaner. The rugs look so nice! But oh goodness...the anguish. I almost let him snuggle on the couch with me to calm him down. Almost.

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