Friday, December 14, 2012

hey now now

Man. Connecticut. Childrens. I can't even wrap my mind around the grief. And I hate watching everyone jump on their own political bandwagons with RETWEETS and FACEBOOK STATUSES and OTHER FORMS OF ABBREVIATED INCENDIARY COMMENTARY.
Maybe I should wait a few days to say anything. But...I'm not gonna. Here are the issues that stand out to me:
1. Mental health. Access to care, especially PREVENTATIVE care is ridiculously lacking in this country. We live in a society that scorns acknowledging that not everyone's hormones/emotions/whathaveyou are completely "in whack" and medical insurance companies LOVE IT. They eat. that. shit. up. It's just...ugh. Painful.
2. Gun control. Sooooo I don't so much care about gun control. I KNOW. EXTREME. START THROWING ALL THE THINGS AT ME. This has a couple of components:
a) If someone desperately wants a gun, they'll get a gun. This seems to me to have the potential to go the way of the War on Drugs if regulation gets nutso. A psychological evaluation to own a gun? You think that's foolproof? Who determine's what's crazy? Doesn't that vary from one psychiatrist to another? The War on Drugs has been proven to be the opposite of effective, and SUPER expensive. Instead of spending a ton of tax dollars on controlling access to guns, maybe ADDRESS MENTAL ILLNESS.
b) Gun control laws would be enforced much more strictly on minorities. Most mass shooters are middle class white guys. YEAH. Think about that for a while. Isn't racial profiling SO GREAT?!
3. I hate things that discourage validate the choice to keep kids out of the public school system. I admit, I have my reservations about the way schools work in this country. I think they need tons of help. I used to be so upset about it I wanted to just homeschool my kids or send them to private school or find ANY OTHER OPTION than public school. But. You know. I'm all about paying my taxes. And being a part of my community. And that includes my kid(s) participating in the community. And being personally involved in generating the change I want to see. Not acting like MY kid deserves a better education but not OTHER kids. That shit just contributes to the insanely fast growth of income disparity in the United States.
Mostly. Just so much sad. I cannot even imagine finding out that my child's school experienced a shooting. Wondering if my baby was still alive. Wondering if my baby was the one doing the shooting. Feeling alternatingly joyous and guilty if my kid survived while his/her classmates were slain. Thinking about all those dreams and futures wiped out. Pitying the poor soul who felt compelled to do this.
Dear Baby,
If you feel sad most of the time and you don't know why, or want to hurt someone, or feel like you're all alone, I will help you. Please please please let me help you.
Love, Mama

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