Monday, January 14, 2013

so this is nesting

Is this nesting? Or panic? Could go either way, I guess. At work, I figured out my pre-maternity-leave timeline SLASH development plan. And there's a LOT of stuff on it but also I think I might just manage it.
So I decided to create a development plan for my non-work life too. Here are the main things on it, in order of desired completion:
-Financial planning stuff. Get life term insurance, do all HR stuff at our respective jobs, create wills. Complete (or at least set in motion) by: end of January. Childcare also falls under this heading, but we've got more time for that.
-Turn our "sunroom" into a library/office. It's a narrow space and I don't ALWAYS want it to be an office, plus there are huge French doors that open to our (awesome) backyard and swing into the room. So square footage is an issue. This was a less-urgent item on the list until someone at work mentioned I should wrap it up since I'm planning to telecommute toward the end of my pregnancy. GOOD CALL, WORK GUY. Complete by: end of February
-Get set up for baptising the miniature heathen, or at least get started on the process. This requires becoming official members of our new church and getting set up with the baptism coordinator. Complete by: end of February (though a baptism-prep class might go into March or something)
-Finish nursery prep. Once we have the library set up, we'll be able to see better what we're working with, as far as repurposing furniture goes. Also have approximately 7jillion prints to frame. Complete by: end of March
-Freezer meals. I want to be able to - during labor and post-birth - throw something in the oven for dinner that's healthy and requires no preparation. There are a couple things I'll DEFINITELY make and freeze, but I need to expand the flavor profiles. And also get the standing freezer The Foliage's grandfather told us we could have. And also budget around buying tons of food in bulk for this. Complete by: end of March...might push it up to mid-March
-HOBY stuff. The seminar is May 31st-June 2nd. So. My ability to be involved is pretty limited, and I feel terrible about it. Going to assuage my guilt by helping with a fundraiser in March, work on finding free food for the seminar, and putting together the program. Complete by: end of May
Yesterday I got WAY INTO the library-planning. The Foliage and I had spent the day cleaning, taking Louis Tully to his last obedience class (WHERE HE DID HIGH-FIVE ON THE FIRST TRY OMG GENIUS PUPPY I DON'T KNOW WHY A TRICK LIKE THAT WAS PART OF OBEDIENCE CLASS EITHER), stocking up on grocery staples, and finishing my baby shower thank you notes. He thought that meant we'd reward ourselves with a movie! Or dinner out somewhere! But oh ho ho that's ridiculous!! I was entrenched in geometry and comparing shelving system dimensions and maximizing space-efficiency-per-dollar and how to style the shelves afterward to look like they didn't come from Ikea!
So we ate chips and salsa at 10pm. OH. THE LUXURY.
But we do have a solid plan for the library now, and I think we'll be able to make it into a library/office with a fold-away desk for under $300. And we might even be able to get the entire project done this month, so we'll have more time to focus on other projects! Can you FEEL my EXCITEMENT?
The Foliage came over to look at my 3 pages of diagrams and calculations and was...impressed but potentially a little disturbed. Though, fun fact, if you need a scientific calculator on your iphone, go to your calculator app and turn your phone horizontally. YES SO MUCH LOVES!
Life development plans, man. Best.

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