Tuesday, February 12, 2013

mind. blown.

So remember how making freezer meals is on my non-work development plan? And how I'd like to have 6 weeks' worth of food prepared and frozen in the next 4 weeks? BECAUSE I DO AND IT HASN'T BEEN STRESSING ME OUT AT ALL HA HA HA. I even put "freezer meals and visits" on our registry so other people would help me out wit this. Because I like to ask for help in the most passive way possible. Duh.
I've been slooooooowly coming up with a list of items to make, but it's hard because I want them to be healthy. And healthy to me means Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions or paleo. Which means lots of fresh produce and meat. No breads. No soy or other legumes. Dairy is allowed in WAP in certain cases but it doesn't freeze well, so that's a non-issue.
Also I've never made freezer meals before, so figuring out the point in my cooking process to stop, and how to portion it out for freezing, and how to reheat it...have been gigantor terrifying mysteries to me. So far I've made and frozen...chicken broth. Three cups. It's like almost stock-level-potency, so REALLY I have closer to 9 cups of broth. Which is great! I'm excited to use it! But come on. Is this my game face? It does not feel like my regular game face.
Today I came upon Once A Month Mom. And...I am not exaggerating when I say my JAW DROPPED. Also I started writing to The Foliage in ALL CAPS for a LONG TIME. I've come across several freezer-cooking posts on WAP-favoring blogs, but. This is just...an entirely new level of amazing. She has ENTIRE MONTH-LONG MENUS, INCLUDING ONES FOR PALEO DIETS ARE YOU SERIOUS YES I AM.
She gives you spreadsheets in which you enter the number of people you're feeding, and it updates all the sheets, which include a shopping list (organized by aisle), prep list (chopping, browning, etc.), recipe cards with freezing AND not-freezing instructions, AND PRINTABLE LABELS FOR YOUR FROZEN FOOD SO YOU KNOW WHAT THE EFF TO DO WITH IT LATER.
I. Cannot. Get. Over. This.
1. This lady is a genius. A GENIUS I TELL YOU. It's like all the frustratons of my brain just went into her brain AND SHE FIXED IT.
2. I have never subscribed to a website before, but $8 for a single month membership? HO yeah. Doin' it.
Can you FEEL the weight liften from my shoulders?! Because it's a pretty big weight. Who wants to come over and have a freezer meal prep party??


Sarah said...

Holy crap! You're going to have to tell me how this goes!

E. said...

Jenna did this recently - check out her website for recommendations - http://thatwifeblog.com/2013/01/24/once-a-month-mom-cooking-and-freezer-stocking/ - and I'm planning on doing a vegetarian menu pretty soon.

the Discerning Dilettante said...


How is it going?!