Friday, February 1, 2013

so we packed up our troubles in an old cadillac

The Foliage and I have SEVERE wanderlust. However, we also both REALLY REALLY LIKE stability. Or at least minimizing uncertainty in schedules, finances, etc. We also really really like real estate and the idea of owning our next place. So every once in a while (or several times a week...maybe...) our conversations follow this pattern:
1. I saw a really cool property in (a town 15 minutes North of our current house, which is just outside the DC beltway in Silver Spring) for (a good price)!
2. But we don't have the money for a down payment right now, so what does it matter?
3. We could probably get it together.
4. OK, true. We could figure it out. But do we even know if we're staying here?
5. Yeahhhhh maybe not.
6. UGH we totally are. We are totally going to stay here. We cannot bring ourselves to walk away from the majority of our family/ies.
7. But maybe we should! But. We won't. Yeah.
8. So but IF we do, if we buy in this area, it should be somewhere we can either sell at a profit or rent for at least the mortgage.
9. Well, yeah, duh.
10. Not duh! Because we love houses that no one else loves! And want to do things with those houses that no one else wants to do! Our futurehouse, if it's exactly what WE want, is probably not going to make us any money, should we ever leave it.
11. Maybe we should just keep renting.
12. Yeah, I like this renting thing. But man. I also really like OWNING and being able to DO STUFF.
13. Yeah. Well. Fuck.
Over. And over. And over. It is such a first world problem - we have all the housing options available to us, including relocating to really fun places, but we can't chooooooose!!
Right now we rent a 2-bedroom house. Originally it was a 3-bedroom, but someone knocked down a wall between 2 of the rooms at some point, so now that's the master. And we're blocking off the 3rd room again to make the nursery. So basically hoping we can squeeze as many tinypeople into the 2nd bedroom as we can, before we're forced to make any decisions. Which we won't be able to do, because...ugh.
We live in the DC metro area, which is a glorified swamp. The job market is THE TITS but the weather...leaves a lot to be desired. Places we'd love to live for the weather alone are the Bay Area and Denver. I love New England, but The Foliage is pretty iffy about it. Especially the going anywhere colder than where we currently are part.
I don't like being resigned or defeatist about my future, but. We will probably just stay in the DC area. We will probably buy a property to create our dream home. And we will never be able to leave. Luckily we'll have a dream home, though. So that'll be handy.
(So I guess I just resolved this indecision for myself? Thanks, blogging!)

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E. said...

Ugh we have this conversation SOOOO OFTEN! "What are we DOING with our lives?" "I don't knooooooooooow" "Do we want to buy a house?" "meh" "Do we want to have kids?" "meh" "Do we want to quit our jobs and go to Costa Rica?" "Yes but that seems too easy."

Really the big question for us is where would we live if we bought a house. We love love love living in Baltimore, but my family is closer to DC, and that distance doesn't feel like much but sometimes feels very far apart indeed.

I think for you guys, once you have the baby, you will know better. These things come with time.