Tuesday, February 19, 2013

will you do the fandango

Work is stressful! Outside of work is stressful! I have a lot of shit to do and not a lot of time to do it! And I am so so sleepy all of the time!
So here is stuff that makes me happy/thankful/relaxed these days:
-The progress we've made in paring down our main floor so it feels clean and not overwhelming
-Louis Tully, the most emotionally needy dog who ever lived
-On the same blog, our maternity session!
-My sister in law watched the needy needy dog this weekend while we went out of town and it was GLORIOUS and we are SO THANKFUL she was available to do that
-From what I can tell, a totally healthy pregnancy
-My friend Liz is shaving her head AND donating her hair for charity (separate charities) so now I'll be able to see even more of her pretty face
-Pens that have plenty of ink, notebooks with tons of blank pages, phones with full charges
-Comfortable non-ugly shoes
-That my babyest sister's band is playing at Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville on March 2nd (!!!)(are you in or near Nashville? please please go because I can't and it makes me annoyingly weepy.)
-Thinking about our garden-to-be
-Not thinking about the work involved in achieving said garden
-Visiting people I super like at Mystic Pizza
-Getting promises from other awesome people to visit me during maternity leave
-Affordable maternity clothes that look like clothes I'd wear even if I weren't pregnant
-Window shopping on streets packed with gorgeous boutiques, getting decorating ideas
-Even moar different ideas for really fun parties
-One of my other sister's (sisters'? whatever) Kickstarter for a webseries she's created (The Big Idea Show which I'll have on constant loop for ze kid while I sleep off my morning martini).
-That Radiohead song with the line "I don't wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover"
-Paychecks. (Dear Paychecks, don't you want to visit me while I'm out of the office? YEAH you do! Stop by ANY time. Please.)
-Another of my sister's is blogging her experience of watching all of Star Trek FROM THE BEGINNING.
-Informing my aunt that they REMADE BATTLESTART GALACTICA and watching my uncle's face crumple in dismay. Oh man. OH MAN. So excited to hear how much they love ittttt.
-I have 2 more sisters. The stuff they're doing doesn't have links for you to click. Feel free to berate them. I do.
-My brother in law played bass at the 9:30 Club this past weekend
-One of my other sisters in law is throwing us a shower this weekend because she's super awesome
I know great people. We all do cool things. They take care of me. There is no way to express the gratitude I feel for my life. I hope my kid learns to feel this faster than I did. Because, seriously. It's gonna be a little white kid in America sooooo...should be pretty OK.

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