Tuesday, October 13, 2009

party like a rock party like a rockstar

MAN, it's hard to write in here without internet at home. Sigh* Only a few more weeks and I'll use the internet at the new house. While I'm visiting. Because I'll still technically be living at my apartment. BUT I'll be at the house a lot. Who else would feed Carlos the Cat?

So yes only a couple more weeks. We've scheduled closing for Thursday the 29th. I am SO pumped!! Swoon. Until then, we really need to stop accumulating gardening implements.

True story: when you search images and type in the house's address, this is one of the results:

Yup. Thank you, internetz.

Since I'm at work I can't post any of my own pictures. I did find ONE online, though. It's at the top of the post. Because my work computer won't let me move it. (If you're nerdy and curious, I added the picture of the stuffed teddy monster thing first and then copied and pasted text above it. I can't move the picture of the house anywhere. Jump back.) And it's totally not at all the picture I would've chosen to post.

But as long as it's there, we're brainstorming window boxes of chamomile, lemon balm and lavender. Also trying to think of something to go on the right side of the front steps. I thought maybe either a rose or a lavender bush. If roses, we'd plant small-bred ones. I'm also envisioning a small trellis, maybe. I feel like something needs to grow up the side of the porch but I don't want to have any plants attached directly to the porch.

This past weekend we went to the Solar Decathlon and GreenFest, both in D.C. Again, pictures are on my camera and not available for posting at the moment. Both events were incredible. I wish I could take this whole week off of work to tour all of the houses. But...c'est la vie.

We're both already very conscious of our carbon footprint(s) and all about being as energy efficient as possible, but sheesh...the decathlon just made us feel like such energy under achievers! At the very least, we got some great ideas for materials available and architectural concepts to use. And some of the materials we fell in love with were then represented at GreenFest, which was cool.

At GreenFest we totally took advantage of the "come! take!" offer on a table with a HUGE basket of seeds. They said it was O.K. but...we took a lot. I mean a LOT. Then I got a dozen tulip bulbs for $10. Sooooo excited!! I.love.tulips. And the season to plant them is next month, so that works out perfectly! I've never grown a bulb plant before, so I'm pretty stoked to try my hand at it.

I'm trying not to make this a post-itinerary because a [friend] of mine made fun of me for doing so. But because I don't know the next time I'll update, here's upcoming stuff I consider to be noteworthy:

10/16: GNO in Newark, DE for my ex-boss
10/17: Pre-designated "Best Day Ever"...going to Philly for dinner, an Edgar Allen Poe-themed haunted house and "Paranormal Activity"
10/23: Taking the FAR section of the CPA exam...again. Yes, I have fewer than two weeks to study for this. Whatever. I need to at least try one more time before tax season. At the low low cost of $250 per attempt. Sigh* At least it hasn't been so long that I've forgotten everything (I started this blog during THAT marathon session)...but it's reeeeeally hard to stop thinking in terms of auditing after JUST taking that test.
10/24: City.Theatre.Prom. At the DCCA. oh.my.gawd.
10/29: Closing on the house!!!
10/31: Halloween. zomg. Nightmare on Elm Streeeeeet!
11/1: Sailing with Dad before the boat comes out of the water for the winter. Wearing a ski jacket, mask and gloves. It is going to be so.cold. Which is why I'll be mixing and drinking either mimosas or bloody maries on the drive there. I take my WASCiness very seriously.

I wish I could get a picture down here. Down here needs a picture. Real bad.
This post has been brought to you by the letter "L" for lazy. I was supposed to finish my work on an audit yesterday, but then a gajillion other things with earlier/more urgent deadlines came across my desk. I was still cleaning up those things this morning and then worked at a recruitment fair for the firm all afternoon, as I promised to do several weeks ago. I NEED to finish these things before I leave here today and I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing. So. It's going to be a fun night. If you're in the area and want to stop by with food and/or coffee, that'd be swell.