Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I've been totally slacking on my posts, I know. And I'm about to be again. I was at the "new" house in Maryland - without my computer - for most of last week. In a few minutes I'll be on the road to do the same thing. Our progress on what will be our bedroom is going pretty well. I have before pictures, and I'll take some in-progress ones this week, but I don't want to post them until we're all done with the refurb.

That paragraph is pretty cryptic and hard to follow if you're not me. I realize that. But I don't know how else to say it at this point.

Robyn and Brendan are RIGHT NOW at their first days of school! Robyn is a senior and Brendan is a junior. I am so jealous. Well, moderately jealous. High school was really fun for me. And did you know that kids at Jewish schools spend half of their senior years in Europe/Israel? Seriously? Where was that deal when my family was considering Catholic high school?! What a jip!

This is really abrupt, but I gotta go. It's not like this has been a really cohesive, well-constructed post anyway. I feel obligated to post this just to have posted something, but I really hate this entire entry...oh, well. Welcome to the outskirts of my indecision.

Monday, August 30, 2010

a tutorial on having a good time

At the end of a long, exhausting day at the amusement park, fraught with expensive fried foods, inconvenient lockers, and attendees who do not actually like roller coasters, here is how to salvage your experience:

1. Approximately 20 minutes before the park closes, sprint to the opposite side of the place, to your favorite ride.
2. Realize that sprinting to the line did you no good because, hello, there's a line.
3. Get all 5 remaining revelers on said ride at the same time, after a 15 minute wait.
5. Walk to the roller coaster right next to the one you just rode, just to see, because it had shut down while you were in line earlier in the day.
6. Repeat step 3.
8. Debate running to the other side of the park to ride the only big coaster you missed.
9. While people debate, fill your gigantic souvenir cup for the 10th time....because you have to make it worth the cost somehow.
10. Also maybe get funnel cake at the all-but-closed food court.
11. Decide that maybe running to a ride called "The Mind Eraser" after eating funnel cake and drinking your 10th gigantic cup-full of soda is a bad idea.
12. While walking to the exit, notice that the Mexican food stand where you ate lunch is throwing away leftovers.
13. [Have your fearless future brother in law] ask for leftovers.
14. Eat delicious free Mexican food/start a riot of people clamoring for free Mexican food.
15. Drag your future sister in law who probably has a gambling problem away from the pay-to-play games.
16. Drive home fatter, burnter, and happier.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



"It is what it is."
"I hate that phrase. It sounds like dying."

-"Conversations with Other Women"

if it weren't for my horse i would've never spent that year in college

I went on my first official wedding dress shopping trip this past Saturday with my mom, two of my sisters, and one of my future sisters in law. It was a weird experience. And the fact that my stomach hurt like a banshee probably didn't help.

But I don't want to talk about that.

We went to two salons, and at the first one, a woman girl had just found her dress. THE dress. And oh MAN was she ever excited. As were all of her Hollister-bedecked girlfriends.

It was just about the ugliest dress I've ever seen. Luckily, I found a picture online. You are WELCOME.

On the website it doesn't look so bad. But trust me. It is atrocious. A teeeeeny tiny itsy bitsy bodice that looks like chain mail (it's "platinum" NOT "champagne"...apparently a very important distinction), attached to shredded silk* formed into a gigantic spherical poof. Which retails for more than $5,000. That's in American dollars. Yeah.

Of course the attendant was excited as well. The customer "saved" a ton and ONLY spent just under $3,000. I don't know what the commission rates are like up in that piece, but the lady helping her cared a lot less when I very clearly was not going to buy anything there. Thanks chick with horrible taste!

Said chick also looked a LOT like that Mormon girl who was on the Real World that one time.

There's really no point to this. Wedding dress shopping is really, really weird. And it confirmed what I already knew: I don't like talking with salespeople; and I look awesome in formalwear. Noted.

*For the record, I really like the shredded silk tiers look. I loved a Marisa gown that was entirely raw-edged silk tiers. But it's weird when it's shaped to look like a snowball snack. And attached to a miniature sweetheart-neckline wrought from iron. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

everything on the internet is true

Foliage: Wow, an article that came up in my Reader said that couples who do house chores have sex more often.

Ceejus: Yeah?

F: Have I mentioned that I totally unloaded the dishwasher today?

C: ...

F: And I pulled all those weeds in the yard...

C: What did the article say about self-congratulating and martyrdom?

F: ...

F: Probably cancels it out.

C: Hmmm, yeah, probably.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ta DA

Source and Event which you should totally attend (I can't because I'd already made plans...go in my stead. Please?)

So we're moving to Maryland. Specifically, we're moving to Silver Spring, which is a suburb of DC. Even more specifically, we're moving into my future grandfather-in-law's house.

The Foliage and I have been talking about this for a couple of weeks now, but we only just spoke with the grandfather in question (henceforth known as "GPT") last night. So we couldn't "announce" it until he'd agreed to let us live in his home.

My future husband and siblings-in-law were raised by GPT and their grandmother, Nana. This past March, Nana passed away, after nearly a year-long battle*. GPT has had a lot to handle, and we want to help. There are other reasons and details and things, but I don't feel comfortable posting such family matters online. We're excited to be around for the 2 youngest siblings, and to be in the DC area!

And to live somewhere without bed bugs. That'll be fun. Although this house does have a roach problem, apparently. Yay.

So that's our big news.

*Her first husband was a smoker, and her son (my future father-in-law) is. Secondhand smoke from living with both of them scarred her lungs, which led to several bouts of pneumonia and caused her oxygen level to plummet.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

new york i love you but you're bringing me down

I've been looking online for wedding dresses....because, you know, it's fun. And also the dress I got is great but it's not zomgfab. So why not keep looking and have my dress as a backup? I was messaging with The Foliage - who refuses to see anything related to any wedding dresses that I may or may not ever wear - about my search, and mentioned that I had just come across THE most fabulous dress I've ever seen*

Copyright Kelly Prizel, engagement session in NYC

I emailed the seller to see if she'd be available so I could try on the dress, since she's in New York. I could totes just go to NYC to try it on. Before, you know, committing to spending several hundred dollars on it. Anyway, I told The Foliage about this, and he mused about the fact that so much of our wedding is coming from NYC.

-My ring
-His proposal
-Our photographer (by way of Connecticut)
-Maybe my dress (see above)

He said that maybe this could be some sort of theme at the wedding. But I have to wonder...how exactly does one make New York Wannabe into a wedding theme? Any ideas?

Same couple, after the wedding. Love this picture. Love.

*If you are currently engaged to me, don't click on that link.

Monday, August 16, 2010

holy netflix, batman

GoodNESS "The Proposal" is an awful movie. Really. Wow. Not that I'm surprised, necessarily. It's just impressively bad.

Friday, August 13, 2010

everybody just CALM DOWN


I just found BevMo, a company that will ship any alcohol to you (as long as they have it in stock) and will accept unopened bottles as return items. How cool is that?! I'm going to keep looking for something that exists like this closer to us (they're based in California and the Southwest), but if we don't, this would be a really cool option for stocking our own bar.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

may cause you to throw lighters across your kitchen. fair warning.

So after I finally joined the New Castle County library, I searched for the book I wanted: The Commitment by Dan Savage which I'm reading for the first A Practical Wedding meet-up*. It wasn't at the library closest to my house, but I was out running errands yesterday, so I stopped by another branch to get it.

And then. Oh, man, and then. It was so intense. That feeling of being in a library. And knowing I could have ANY BOOK I WANTED FOR FREE. I went up and down the rows, and when I got to the cookbook section I actually teared up. I don't know what came over me. I'm going to blame hormones**.

I've been wanting to get some of Alice Waters' cookbooks, but the branch I visited didn't have any of them. So I browsed and browsed and browsed. And it was WEIRD searching for books by topic rather than authors' last names. Thanks, chain book stores, for destroying my once-impressive knowledge of the Dewey Decimal Sytem***. Anyway. I got this book:

Because I liked the look of that soup on the cover. I had just picked up our CSA box for the week and was feeling overwhelmed by vegetables. This had several potato-and-tomato recipes (the two items that are coming out of our ears) and a peach dessert recipe (we got a bag of peaches and a bag of plums in our fruit share this week). When I got home, I flipped through the book and considered each recipe for dinner, but just ended up making the soup pictured on the cover.

And thank goodness I did! Today is soup day if I've ever seen it. I didn't take pictures while I cooked, but here's the recipe:

French Vegetable Soup with Garlic (the version in the book is with basil and garlic, but the basil was in the form of an accompanying pesto sauce, for which I had none of the ingredients...and this was a use-only-what-you-have kinda meal)
Source: "The Rustic Table: Simple Fare from the World's Kitchens" by Constance Snow
Serves 8 as a one-bowl meal, 12 as a starter

3 T Olive Oil
2 Onions, chopped
2 Carrots, chopped
2 Garlic Cloves, chopped
4 to 6 Small Red Potatoes, scrubbed and diced
1/5 lb Green Beans, trimmed and coarsely chopped
6 c Chicken or Beef Stock or Water
4 large Tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and chopped, or one 14 oz can diced tomatoes, drained
2 t Fresh Oregano Leaves, or 1/2 t dried
1 Bay Leaf
Salt and Pepper
2 small Zucchini, diced
2 c Cooked White Beans 
2 c Cooked Elbow Macaroni
omitted: processor pesto

Warm the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onions and carrots, and cook until the onions are golden, 5 to 10 minutes. Add the garlic and stir for a minute or two longer, being careful not to let it brown. Then add the potatoes, green beans, stock, tomatoes, oregano, and bay leaf. Season with salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer until the carrots and potatoes are crisp-tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Add the zucchini and white beans; cook until all of the vegetables are tender, 5 to 10 minutes. Add the cooked pasta, and cook just until it is heated through, 1 to 2 minutes.

My edits:
-Didn't have carrots, stock, bay leaves, zucchini or any white beans. 
-For stock, I used mostly water, and one cube of chicken bouillon. 
-I had a lot more pasta than the recipe calls for, so I roughly doubled everything else.
-Totally forgot to add the oregano, and have been adding the salt and pepper individually by bowl served.
-Added sweet corn somewhere in the middle and grated some cheese at the end (pecorino romano, fyi). I just peeled the silk off an ear, cut the corn off the cob and threw it in the pot. I would've added more than one ear's worth, but the knife I was using sucked, and getting the corn off of one ear was emotionally exhausting enough already.
-Just so you know, this was the first time I ever went through the effort of peeling tomatoes. And I didn't seed them, because GAH what a pointlessly time-consuming task. Who ever complained about eating a tomato seed? I mean other than 3 year olds. Who are treacherous beasts. I just throw it all in the pot. 

I tried to make the doubled recipe in my dutch oven, but it didn't fit. So halfway through I had to transfer it to a huge stew pot. And thank goodness we HAVE huge stew pots. That could've been moderately disastrous otherwise. The pot is in the fridge, mostly full, covered with plastic wrap. Because we don't have tupperware that big. Guess what's going on our eventual registry...

Here's my second bowl of soup today:

It looks nothing like the picture on the cover, even without the cheese and the pepper. Better luck next time, I guess. In any case, it tastes pretty freakin' fab and I didn't have to buy a single thing to make it. And I can be all "Whaddya got WEATHER? 'Cause I got awesome soup!" And weather will twist up its face and go whimper in the corner. Done.

*Which you should join. Even if you're not engaged or in a relationship. Just come. I'm going to the one in DC because we're planning to move there very soon. Which is another post entirely. For now: come to the meet up. You can ride with me.
**No, I'm not pregnant, I'm just a very hormonal girl. Stop with the finger-pointing.
**That's the kind of sh*t you learn in Catholic school. After you've mastered sentence-diagramming and Algebra. They fill up the rest of your time with LIBRARY CLASSES which literally test you on the Dewey Decimal System method. See? My expertise isn't random, it's Catholic.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

gimme gimme


This registry business is driving me nuts.

Friends and family have asked us where we're registered several times since we got engaged. And we DID have a registry through Traveler's Joy, which lets you register for cash contributions toward your honeymoon expenses. Only that was when we had a specific plan for our honeymoon. And it seems a little weird to switch it to be, "Please give us a few $25 increments of cash towards an unspecified activity!" Shady, yes? Yes.

And the thing about big chain stores that have easy-to-use registry systems is...I just can't bring myself to ask for gifts from them. At least not ALL the gifts. If our wonderful guests are determined to spend a certain amount of money on us, I can't justify directing 100% of that cash to non-independent sellers. Just can't.

So I've been looking up DIY registry sites today, but I'm pretty dissatisfied with what I've found. There are, like, 3 that let you register for actual items. All the other ones are basically asking for cash. Which isn't necessarily bad, but GEEZ it's blatant and unclassy. And the ones I've seen that do let you list actual items are pretty cluttered and intense. I don't want our guests to have to sift through that mess to find ours.

I saw on Offbeat Bride a recommendation for an online registry site and thought, "Oh, cool, I love Offbeat Bride, this is probably just what I want." Only it's called "Deposit a Gift." I might as well just design a site and call it "Give Me Your Wallet" and direct our family members to that.

On one blog I saw that the couple "registered" for bottles of booze for the wedding, so the guests essentially stocked the bar. Which seems like such a totally cool idea. But we're not really huge drinkers. And neither are most of our guests. So.

There's really no resolution to this. I'll keep looking. Or maybe The Foliage and I will have to learn HTML and build our own site from scratch. It's not out of the question.

forever young

It really frustrates me when I look at someone's blog or Twitter page or something, and they've put some image in the background, but I can't SEE the image because the page's content is 100% in the way.

I know the content is the point of the page, but then what was the point of the background image? Seriously. Remember when you used to get teeny tiny boxes of raisins as a kid, and your chubby little fingers couldn't QUITE get the very last one? And you knew that last raisin didn't really matter, but on PRINCIPLE you HAD to get to it. Even if you had to rip the sides of the box and flatten it to get to that .003 ounces of goodness.

Or maybe that was just me.

I wish I could rip the sides of the Internet and flatten it to see that stupid background image.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

troy, if you touch that mirror one more time...

Yesterday I went to our neighborhood library and finally got myself a library card. My first one since, like, high school. Maybe even earlier. I don't think I've ever had one in New Castle so it's been at least 10 years...

Anyway. I glanced over a brochure of summer activities, and apparently they host a summer family movie series. Every Tuesday at 2pm. And this week...today...they showed "Goonies." And I had already made plans to meet A-Train at school so we could force one another to do homework.

You guys.

I have never resented homework so much in my LIFE. Josh Brolin was my very first EVER crush. Only I was 4 and I didn't know how movie plots worked, and that his character's name was "Brand" so I called him "Goonie" because MAN he sure did say that word a lot during the movie.

I wanted to be Andy SO BADLY. What an '80s it-girl. And I didn't get that rearview mirror thing until, like, last year. I really wish I were kidding.

Stupid, stupid homework...

i never meant to be the needle that broke your back

GAH, I love this song!!! It was my favorite for a few months in 2004, and it's still pretty high on my list of all-time faves. Chan hasn't put out anything that's really grabbed me in a few years, though. Her sobriety is really cramping my music-loving-style. Jerk.

Monday, August 9, 2010

proposal story part 2, or the one where i get my bling

OK, this made me tear up.

And it reminded me that I've only told the 3rd installment of our 3-part engagement story!

So let me take you back...back to May 15th, 2010. It was a beautiful, warm Saturday in the mid-atlantic. The Foliage and I had planned to go up to New York City on Saturday, and then to Connecticut to meet with our fabulous photographer on Sunday.

As we were packing, he said, "hey, we should go to dinner at Flatbush Farm tonight." To which I responded, "Why? We've already been."
"Well, when we went before, I had food poisoning. I want to go when I can actually enjoy it. You said your food was amazing."
"Those mussels were pretty incredible..."

the touch the feel


I saw this cotton commercial a few months ago, and have been looking all OVER the place for this image. I love everything in the shot. Dark hardwood floors, wallpaper with oversized print, '50s furniture, super bright random clock, borderline gaudy chandelier, fluffy rug.


That Leona Lewis is one lucky lady.

let's DO this

The day we met. Tidal Basin. During the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Taken by Andy Hsu, other subjects edited out by my sister Emily.

Over at A Practical Wedding one day last week was this post. The gist is that there's really no such thing as a "the one", and you totally COULD be with someone who isn't your current significant other/spouse and be 100% happy with them, but you CHOOSE one person anyway, and you build a life together. The author of the post used the analogy of a house. That there are tons of houses in which you could live perfectly well, but you eventually have to choose one to make your home, and with time and effort you can't imagine calling any other house your home.

I don't know about the whole house thing (I can fall in love with a house like it's my JOB), but I really appreciated the point of this post overall.

A lot of times the whole issue of The One concept pops into my head and I start thinking, "well, is he?" I mean, I dunno. And like the author of that post, I never had any, "BAM LET'S BE 2GETHA 4EVA" moment. He sorta...grew on me. Don't get me wrong - I was attracted to him immediately. And we've always had a great rapport.

But I've had that with a lot of people. And the only time I've had a "BAM"-type moment led to the most wildly unhealthy relationship of my life. I would have to say that all of the people with whom I'm the closest are my soul mates. My Ship? Kates? A-Train? All 5 of my immediate family members? Totes my soul mates. I'll probably accumulate some more soul mates over the course of my life. They're useful for things. Things like rolling their eyes at me. And other stuff.

I guess part of the reason that I have such an un-romanticized view of marriage is my parents. Now, after 25 years together, they're the greatest example of a marriage anyone could want to see. But when they tell me about meeting each other and dating and their engagement...yeesh. Bottom line: they probably shouldn't have gotten married. Based on what they tell me. And there were some rough years while I was growing up when they almost caved.

But then they didn't.

They went to therapy and worked and talked, and now they're best friends. They love hanging out together. They're crazy about each other. They giggle together. They're adorable. And it's helpful to me to think about that when I watch movies like "TiMER" that are soul mate centric* and make me go, "WHAT IF I'M CHOOSING WRONG?!"

Shortly before I started this blog, The Foliage got in a fight with a median and lost. At the time we'd been in a long-distance relationship for just over a year, and he had been visiting me in Wilmington that weekend. But his car is European. And his wheels were totally mangled. And parts had to be ordered. So he stayed with me for a week while that happened.

We'd been happy together before that. We'd sporadically discussed one of us moving to be with the other one. And then we were stuck together in my 1-bedroom apartment for a week. And it was the best week ever (until then...Mexico was pretty sweet). And we were all, "Um...I kind of need you to be all up in my space...constantly and immediately."

So we bought a house. And I decided we were engaged. Then we actually got engaged. Twice. And now we're getting married in just over a year, even though there totally might be a "better" person for each of us out there. Because we're choosing to be the best for each other.

*Still a good movie, though. I highly recommend it.

i would walk 500 miles

Viceroy, Palm Springs

Welcome to another installment of Leaf and Christine's honeymoon saga!

Hopefully this is the last one for, like, a year. Because I think we decided. To not decide.

Last night I turned to Leaf and said, "What if we didn't choose? What if we just saved up the amount that we're willing to pay for a honeymoon, and then picked a last-minute deal a few months beforehand?"

And he said, "I kind of love that idea."

And the emphasis was on the "love" not the "kind of."

I am pretty excited about this.

Friday, August 6, 2010

dresses i really really really like

At Nordstrom.

Aaaaand thousands of other gorgeous dresses. Sigh*

Off to see The Arcade Fire at the Merriweather Post Pavilion! Happy weekend!

i can't drive 55

The women in my family have a problem.

OKfine, we have a few. But we're going to ignore (for now) the indecisiveness, the sometimes crippling depression, and the fact that we just cry when we talk. For no reason. It makes us look like we're upset, but we're just TALKING. It's WEIRD. And extraordinarily inconvenient. Anyway.

The problem at hand is this:

We kind of suck at not hitting stuff while driving.

It's not ALL the time, but we have had an inordinate amount of body work done on our cars. And so far no one has been hurt (though my first sister's arm was broken in an accident while her friend was driving). The guys at the local collision place know all 5 of us. You guys again? Yes. Us. Shut up and fix the car.

And - to date - this excludes my second sister. To be fair. She has never been driving during an accident. Also my mom is like a magnet for tickets. Parking, speeding, red lights. In the interest of full disclosure.

I have been in 3 major-ish collisions. The first one (Summer 2005) was definitely my fault, although I maintain that that intersection totally LOOKS like a 4-way stop. But it isn't. Oops. I was driving my parents' van and only the very front was clipped. But it was the first kid-induced accident and they were out of town at the time.

And now for the first time I've ever used a jump in Blogger...

if i fake it, then i don't have it

Are you seeing this, Mom?

"...whereas men are apparently insensitive cads, women are slowly killing themselves with regret"


If you browse the Intertubes for wedding ish (weddish?) on the regular, you are probably WELL AWARE of the Max + Margaux extrabbaganza that took place this spring. OK, so it wasn't extravagant per se. But goodNESS I've seen a lot of this wedding. Several, distinctly different videos. Hundreds of still images. References all over the place.

But despite all that, here's my favorite bit o' inspiration from the shebang:


They drew a piece of notebook paper and then had either their vows or some sort of love note written on it. I think this would be THE CUTEST modern ketubah. Especially if we added, like, doodles representing things about us. Especially since we, like, don't practice Judaism. So a formal-type ketubah really doesn't make much sense for us.

But the The Foliage gets all traditional up in this wedding planning piece, and has alllll sorts of arguments against it. So we'll see how that plays out.

OK so I also love and want to steal the swing. You got me.

But not the heart doohickies. I mean PLEASE.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

take the last train to clarksville

Source. There is so. much. lame. in this picture. Wow.

I have only dated good guys. Really. I'm not kidding. Every single guy with which I've had a relationship (or even just dated semi-seriously) has been a really, genuinely good guy.

They've all been kind and interesting and respectful and appropriately-but-not-grossly romantic.

Which is why when I hear people complain about there not being any fish in the proverbial pond, I'm pretty incredulous.

Stop looking. Start living. Whatever you were doing when you met the last jerk? Don't do that again. I should start charging for my relationship advice.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

personality test?! how 2003!

I just took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter - II and...wow. I really love personality quizzes.

My results indicated that I am a "Rational"

Some excerpts from what they say that means:

"In working with problems, Rationals try to find solutions that have application in the real world, but they are even more interested in the abstract concepts involved, the fundamental principles or natural laws that underlie the particular case. And they are completely pragmatic about their ways and means of achieving their ends. Rationals don't care about being politically correct. They are interested in the most efficient solutions possible, and will listen to anyone who has something useful to teach them, while disregarding any authority or customary procedure that wastes time and resources.

"Rationals have an insatiable hunger to accomplish their goals and will work tirelessly on any project they have set their mind to. They are rigorously logical and fiercely independent in their thinking -- are indeed skeptical of all ideas, even their own -- and they believe they can overcome any obstacle with their will power. Often they are seen as cold and distant, but this is really the absorbed concentration they give to whatever problem they're working on. Whether designing a skyscraper or an experiment, developing a theory or a prototype technology, building an aircraft, a corporation, or a strategic alliance, Rationals value intelligence, in themselves and others, and they pride themselves on the ingenuity they bring to their problem solving.

"Rationals are very scarce, comprising as little as 7 to 10 percent of the population. But because of their drive to unlock the secrets of nature, and to develop new technologies, they have done much to shape our world."

"You thrive in an autonomous and intellectually stimulating workplace, working alongside other competent people, pursuing knowledge or creating systems."

"Often, you are driven to step in as leader when you become impatient with the way a project is going. In your ideal job, you independently analyze systems and make recommendations about how objectives will best be reached; someone else does the work of delegating work, motivating people, or enforcing work duties. You want challenge in your work and become frustrated when asked to merely follow routines, especially if those routines are inefficient."

Oh, MAN that last part was so true at my last job. So.painfully.true. I'm already starting to feel that itch of "get me back in the (job-having) ring so I can be the best" in the back of my mind...

Or I'm misinterpreting the results and I'm actually a crazed serial killer. HARD TO SAY.

hold me closer, tiny dance[r]

I just read this post about being an awful dancer, and I was nodding like crazy until she got to the part where she says she doesn't dance. Because she's afraid of people's criticism. So she never dances. WTF is that?!

I get the Elaine comparison a LOT when I back it* onto the dance floor, and I used to be super self-conscious about it. Maybe I still am a little. But ultimately other people can bite me, I love dancing. The night before I met The Foliage I had danced for 5 straight hours in '80s aerobics gear with my college roommate, in a house full of people I didn't know, without the aid of any alcohol. Drinking required stopping, and I was just SO IN IT. In fact, my enthusiasm tricked a guy who actually WAS a good dancer into thinking I was a great dancer. Ha! It works!

And after the weekend was over and I'd met dancer guy and The Foliage, I actually thought that between the 2 of them, it was more likely that I'd ferreal date DanceMan. Mostly because The Foliage declined an offer to go get falafel with me and his sister. And who turns down delicious falafel on a Sunday night when they're not busy? Honestly. Probably not DanceMan. Just saying.

Bottom line: for the love of all that is holy, just DANCE!

And also harass people you like on Facebook, or maybe they'll accidentally go on a date with the other guy and not marry you! Pressure!

*"It" being just my back and my legs...I have pretty much nothing separating them. Seriously.

thanks neutrogena, i'm already covered

So I've been told by 2 professional knower-of-health-type-things in the past month that I'm not getting enough Vitamin D. And that I should - in addition to taking a daily vitamin supplement - spend time in the sun. Without sunblock.

Insert life-pause here.

For anyone who knows me (which should cover everyone who reads my blog*), this is just...so...not what I do. I am like a career-non-tanner. If I could be paid to be pale, I'd be filthy rich. I am the girl who has SPF 7bajillion in her purse, her car, her desk...and travel-sized back-ups otherwise scattered throughout her life. For one of my close friend's baby showers, I gave her a newborn beach kit (her daughter was born in July) complete with a huge bottle of baby sunblock. Avoiding the sun is what I do. It is approximately 72% of my personality.

The reason for that is not because I think pallor is sexy (although sometimes it is...not in Robert Pattinson's case, no matter what people say, but other times), it's because my extended family has spent a small fortune in skin cancer treatment to date. 2 of my mother's 3 siblings have had multiple, serious bouts of it, and my mom has had some questionable spots. My aunt had to have her nose reconstructed as a result of skin cancer several years ago. In 2 batches. They removed it, sent her home with gauze across her face AND NO NOSE and then made her come back to get a new one on a different day.

Yeah. Not doing that.

So now these people, who I totally trust to know what they're talking about, and who were speaking completely independent of one another, are telling me that I need to be in the sun without any protection. Granted, not for HOURS, but at least several times per week for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Which leaves me at an impasse.

Usually, when I'm trying to decide between 2 options like this**, I try to go with whatever's been done throughout history. No human problem is unique; there's a 99.9999% chance that it's been dealt with and documented somewhere by someone else. And if human existence has survived all this time without sunblock (very well-documented that this is true), then the sun can't be all bad, right?

So today I went to the pool with My Ship and her boyfriend and I didn't bring sunblock. I didn't bring a bathing suit, either, because I saw some rain drops when I looked out of the window before leaving. Ship was not pleased. But we went anyway. And I fell asleep on a lounge chair in full sun. I woke up, I don't know, an hour later and was all, "crap." But aside from a tiny bit of red near the collar of my t-shirt, I didn't get a tiny bit tan or burnt. I'm as pale as ever. Do you know what this means?

I have actually used enough sunblock in my life that my skin naturally repels UV rays. I'm like a real-life super hero. Of not tanning. Someone get me Marvel on the phone.

*Except for Leaf's one friend who totally lurks, and who is totally welcome/encouraged to do so, but whom I've never met. Dear Leaf's friend, I'm extraordinarily pale. Please see above for further information about this topic.
**As in, health-type questions. Things that are anthropologically traceable.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

thank you michael eisner

Last night I found a bed bug on one of Leaf's shirts which had been draped over the back of a large armchair in the living room. I've been telling him I wanted to capture one to take a video of the effects of Diatomaceous Earth, but he keeps brashly killing them. The nerve!

The one at the top of the picture is the one I caught last night.

The one at the bottom I found on my sheets this morning. I'd slept on the air mattress - allegedly the safe mattress. So that was a fun wake up.

I can't believe I can actually tell them apart just by looking at them. This is my new life. Having pseudo-relationships with parasites. Anyway.

When my partner in crime gets home we'll proceed with the experiments.

I've noticed, though, that no bed bugs have tried to come to the captives' aid. I mean, obviously they wouldn't. They're just bugs, not Rhodes Scholars. But if there's anything I've learned from Disney, it's that the side without loyalty totally loses.

So I'm just going to hold onto that delusion. For as long as I have to.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

gotta get my fix

We went out to get some bug-murdering implements today, and as we were driving through Chadds Ford, I saw this porch:

Via Brandywine View's Facebook page

Today there was a fake circus cart on it that resembled this


So OF COURSE I was all, "Turn around; we need to go to that antique store immediately!" And here's why I'm marrying this guy: without hesitation or any questions he says, "OK," swerves into the left turning lane, and we went and it was amazing.

Well, first we went here. And the stuff was great. But WAY expensive Then we moseyed 2 doors over to the Brandywine View.

GoodNESS it was heaven. Walking around the wrap-around porch I told Leaf I could TOTALLY see every item at Terrain. And then when we checked out the cashier/owner said that Terrain's buyers shop there all the time. CALLED IT. And the cart in question was even labeled "chitty chitty bang bang children's cart." Nice! Here are the SPOY-UHLZ:

This was really a proxy-purchase, for Mrs. P who has been looking for birdcages, and approved of this one via picture text

Sigh* It's adorbs. I'm glad it's going to a good home, but sad it's only temporary in my life.

The front of this is a chalkboard! Cuteness!

Won't it make the cutest planter ever? Oh, I love it. Love love love love LOVE it!

And this

This most magical of magical purchases. Is a gorgeous chandelier. Which you can't see in its full glory until it's been installed in my refurbed room.

Swoon! And with that stirring announcement I'm going to look for a part-time job to fuel my antiques habit and to provide some structure to my days. I'm now beginning week 2 of unemployment, and I already have no sense of time. Sweet.

fickle is a way of life

Or maybe not.

I'm distracting myself from the continued misery of BedBugGate 2010 with honeymoon planning. Which does not involve anything camping-related.

What? Oh, we're probably not going to do that. As of yesterday. When The Foliage asked how I felt about considering other honeymoon options. Options that don't involve tents or driving 10 hours per day (give or take). Which, honestly, I had been questioning myself. So. New plan.

I've wanted to go on an Untour for a LONG time now. I don't remember how I stumbled across the site initially, but it's been a dream of mine to go on one for a long time now. The company lets you choose from one or several European locations (and now a few in the Americas) and books a week-long stay in your chosen regions. But instead of staying in a hotel, you're basically subletting a local's home while you're visiting. So you get to experience the place as if you're a native, which is SO what I want.

And, FYI, I know there's no way to not stick out like a total tourist when out of the country. But I'd like to attempt it as best I can.

All the profits that Untours makes on arranging these trips go towards loans for small businesses. How cool is that?! Help the economy here by assisting entrepreneurs in getting started, help the economy somewhere else by...well, being a tourist. I love it!

So any suggestions for which country/ies to visit? I speak awful Spanish, Leaf speaks so-so French and pretty good Hebrew. Now to get a job to start saving for the previously unexpected honeymoon expenses...