Friday, November 19, 2010

moving on up!

We thought we had sidestepped the brunt of the economic crisis...The Foliage has kept and prospered at his job. We saved up and bought a house which has totally not been foreclosed upon. Even in the tightest of tight circumstances, we have gotten by.

But suddenly the economy has kicked our collective ass anyway.

Grandpa Tom's son has fallen upon hard financial times, and will be moving back to the DC area from Florida. Where in the area? GPT's house, of course! And, of course, into "our" room. And, honestly, it's fine. Our plan had been to stay - at a minimum - until Robyn graduated in January of 2011, or - at a maximum - until Brendan did in January of 2012. We figured we would play it by ear in-between the two dates. We'd be able to save up for a down payment on a place over the next year, and then start condo-hunting downtown after that.

So now we're just going to have to save while we rent a place. But where to rent? Here are the factors affecting our decision:

-Want to pay less than $1,200/month on rent. If utilities are included we're more flexible.
-Prefer to have room for Robyn and Brendan to stay with us whenever they need to
-And if they stay with us, they have to be reasonably able to get to school
-This requires a minimum of 1 bedroom, but preferably more...after graduation, if Robyn wants to live with us, just having a pull-out couch isn't good enough in the long term
-My job is in DuPont Circle (on the West side of the Red Line)...the husband-elect's job is in Rockville/North Bethesda (at the top of the West side of the Red Line). We want to be able to walk to a West Red Line station (but anywhere on the Red Line is workable).

My OTHER future sister-in-law, Tina (who I love and was my friend before I even met The Foliage), has also expressed interest in renting with us. Which would require another bedroom. But she tends to like living downtown, which isn't very conducive to the younger sibs getting to school. The upside is that splitting rent with her makes a lot more places affordable, although we want to make sure we're comfortable with the total rent in case she wants to leave at any point. I really, really, really don't want to have to move again until we buy a place. No property-jumping.

We toured one property today that's walking distance from The Foliage's office, is JUST in our price range (though no utilities are included), has 1 bedroom and a "den" and off-street parking, and is close to the Metro. But it was just so...I don't know. They're garden-style buildings (which neither of us like), and the available unit is on the ground floor (which makes me nervous security-wise...there are glass sliding doors to an open-air patio), and it faces East so it only gets light when we're not there. We've seen a lot better available online.

So do we rent based on price so we can save faster and buy a place that we love sooner? Or do we spend a little extra because we're going to be in this place for at least a couple of years and should love going home?

Someone should tell little kids that THESE sorts of decisions are what comprise 95% of adulthood. Maybe they'd stop rushing to grow up so fast. Psht, if a grown-up had told me that when I was little, I'd have started pricing out real estate values of jungle gyms. Because I am a WINNER. Sigh*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Someone....really needs to get me one of these. I don't know my non-marital-status fingers' sizes, but...I'm pretty sure no matter what size you get me, I can make it work. Honestly and truly. Please.


Monday, November 15, 2010

i'm going hungry

OK, so I said I wouldn't tell you who our wedding caterer is*. So that people would be surprised on the actual day. But it was really probably more so because I didn't want it to become "a thing" and totally overdone. Because seriously this is going to blow the eff up. But. The business' owner is a friend of ours, and I just can't justify not promoting him. And also being concerned that something in our wedding "has been done before" is just about the dumbest thing ever**.


I present to you...the Wood Fired Pizza Truck. Owned and operated by our friend, Matthew Hans, it is so so so good. I have had a lot of pizza in my time, and...this is my most favorite crust of life***. Seriously. It has some wood char, and is so soft and a little chewy inside and crispy around the edges, but it doesn't overwhelm the toppings. So. Frigging. Good.

Via Wood Fired Pizza's Facebook Page
Matt bought and restored a red 1950s Ford Pickup Truck, and then welded an oven on the back. Not just any oven - an imported, hand-made, Italian, wood-burning pizza oven. It is just about the coolest thing I've seen. And ZOMG it smells so good. You can't even imagine. And he has years of experience as a chef, so he knows quality. We can't wait to figure out a seasonally-appropriate menu for our guests. It's going to be tough to narrow things down enough.

If you're in the area, I cannot urge you strongly enough to check him out and eat some mind-blowing pizza. Check the Facebook page for locations throughout the week. And if you book him for your wedding, too...I'll try to be happy for you. Mostly I'll just be jealous of your guests. Or you can invite me and we'll all high-five about it. Yeah, I like that option better.

*The picture from that entry was a reference to WFP's truck. Sly, no? I heart patting myself on the back for cleverness...
**It's really hard to acknowledge the fact that all the event ideas I see on blogs over and over...are still completely unknown to people who don't painstakingly pore over wedding sites. If I served drinks in mason jars (I'm not going to, BTW), maybe 1 or 2 of my friends (also wedding-obsessed) would recognize the trend. Everyone else's minds would be BLOWN by the GENIUS.
***We have a few attendees who have gluten allergies, so Matt's going to bring a few gluten-free crusts as well. The dude is awesome. His family's pretty cool, too. Just FYI.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Most of you have probably heard that I just got a job! I am so excited about the organization, and the fact that I'll be right in downtown DC! I'll regrettably have to give up following all the shows I've come to know and depend upon during my unemployment. Here are the programs I have been putting effort into watching* in no specific order:


Life Unexpected

Probably the least embarrassing of my shows. I take that back. Definitely high on the embarrassometer. But I starting watching it last year because it was on each week when The Foliage was in Maryland, and I was bored. So I already had a relationship with it. I used to want all of Cate Cassidy's clothes. This season I'm not so sure. What's with the shapeless dresses, Cate? Seriously. Gross.


Greys Anatomy

Which has been consistently disappointing me for a while now, but I just can't stop. I wish Callie had left instead of Arizona. Callie is freaking annoying. Not Izzie annoying, but even's pretty bad. I really liked Arizona. Blah. This is an old picture.


Brothers and Sisters

I saw the pilot way back in the day, and had no interest. Then I ran out of shows to watch one day, so I watched all the episodes from this season so far. It mostly annoys me, but I keep going. If only because I appreciate multi-sibling dynamics on TV shows. They're so rare nowadays. I also can't find a promotional image from this season, and 3 of the people in the above image aren't even on the show anymore.



It's about cats from hell. What's not to like?



What? You haven't heard of Nikita? Well, you are missing OUT. Just kidding, I'm jealous of the hours in your life that you have spent not watching this. Her legs are uncomfortably small. And they constantly dress her in skin-tight everything. I can't even hear the dialogue because I'm so focused on how improbable her legs are. I'm pretty sure in the above image they were doctored to look bigger. No ferrealz.


Better With You

For the same reason I started watching Brothers and Sisters: having finished catching up on ALL the other shows, I started watching this one, and now I'm committed. And it sucks. This show really, really sucks. It is the most trite, overly-simplified, gender-stereotype-promoting, depressing-outlook-on-long-term-monogamy crap. But I like the girls' clothes. And hair.


No Ordinary Family

It's OK. The mom on the show used to be on "Roswell" WHICH WAS MY JAM. Liz (from "Roswell") is now actually the mom on "Life Unexpected" and they made a reference to this fact a few weeks ago, which made me giggle. Because I am a huge dork. But srsly Roswell4lyf.


*By myself. Sans The Foliage. He has no interest whatsoever in any of these shows. I really don't, either, but I keep watching anyway. It's not that I'm addicted so much as it is that I'm committed

Monday, November 8, 2010

file under: things that would never happen if we lived in candyland

This past Friday The Foliage and I went downtown to Adams Morgan to meet a friend of mine who was visiting for the weekend. After he went home we met up with some other friends in DuPont Circle. It was good times.

On the metro ride home, the husband-elect fell asleep, and a guy got into our car on the train. After a few minutes, he approached the girl sitting behind us, asking if he could sit with her. She said he could. The conversation that followed went something like this:

Guy - Where you goin'?
Girl - I'm headed home. Just trying to nap on the way.
Guy - Ohhh, can I nap with you?
Girl - ...ummm no.
Guy - Why not? Don't be like that. We'll just snuggle...
Girl - I really just want to nap. I'm tired. There are plenty of other seats. Why don't you sit somewhere else?
Guy - Oh, come on. We can just nap together. It's OK.
Girl - Really, I just want to nap. The train is pretty much empty. Can't you move?

Et cetera, et al. The girl was clearly getting very uncomfortable, but was afraid to be really assertive, and the guy just was not listening. After listening to this for a minute or two (it felt like forever), I turned around to find The Guy leaning into The Girl, basically pinning her to the wall, and said, "Dude, seriously. She's made it very clear she's not interested. Back off."

And HOOOO BOY he did not like that one bit. The Foliage awoke to me and Random Guy yelling at each other (Me: "You're being extremely disrespectful"; Him: "Who the f*ck asked you?!"), and was understandably confused. Luckily, The Guy was getting off at the next stop anyway, so he was gone a second later. The Girl thanked me for my help and got off a stop or two after that.

But honestly. Why do [some] guys do that?! A lone female is not a written invitation for unwelcome advances. And has TELLING a woman that she WANTS you to be up in her face ever worked for you? Because I can't remember a time that I've told someone to back the eff off, and then appreciated it when they didn't. That is absurd. And it really infuriates me.

I'm rarely out by myself at night these days, but MAN I know what it's like to be in that position. And how frustrating it is when Random Dude shows up and starts questioning 1) my desire to be left alone, and 2) my right to be left alone. And how terrifying it can be when there really is no one else around, and you're trying to figure out how you can safely get out of this situation if the guy tries to take things further. And just how INFURIATING it is that he won't listen in the first place!! What is so hard about that?! "No, I'm not interested." DONE. There should be no pushing beyond that. You didn't buy her a diamond bracelet; she doesn't owe you anything*. You just showed up, invaded her space, and now you're telling her that she's not smart enough to know what she wants.

Well, f*ck you, random pushy-but-only-when-it's-dark-and-no-one's-around guys. F*ck. You.

*Which is not to say that women who receive diamond bracelets owe anybody anything either. I'm just saying. It's not like you've exerted any effort to gain her favor here, *sshat.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

there she goes again

So I've been a little absent from blogging for a few days. But MAN it's been a busy week. OK, 2 days. A busy 2 days. Monday was very much not busy. You got me. FINE. But yesterday and today, man...whoa...

Yesterday I went to the Robert Half & Accounting building in downtown DC first thing in the morning and had 2 interviews, both of which went really well. In between them I met up with my friend Sarah for lunch at Matchbox, which was SO GOOD. After both interviews were done I headed to Adams Morgan for a class at Stroga (taught by Faith Hunter) with Sarah and our friend Michelle. As usual, it was great. Faith is a fantastic instructor, and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful space.

Then I took the metro out to Bethesda where Leaf picked me up and we went to Union Jack's for trivia night with some friends. When we got home we ran 3 miles, as per our training plan to run a half marathon in January. Ohhhh, man, busy day. And I'd carried around SO MUCH STUFF with me. In heels. Luckily I got a sweet new briefcasey style purse at Target in preparation for the interviews which totally fit my yoga clothes, sandals, extra resumes, wallet, etc. without looking at all like I'd packed enough stuff for an entire weekend. But it was HEAVY. And my heels were HIGH. Yeesh.

Anyway. This morning I grabbed a granola bar and took the metro to DuPont Circle for my weekly BFit class. But you see all that stuff I did yesterday? All the running and the interviewing and the rushing around? I kinda forgot to eat substantially. I had a salad for dinner during trivia, but when I got to class this morning, I had hardly any carbs or protein in my system. So I nearly fainted during the class. It was rough.

Clearly I survived, and The Foliage totally bought me a filling lunch to make sure I didn't die. My death would probably be very expensive for him. I'm not saying that's why he feeds me. But I'm not saying it isn't, either.

Bottom line: 2 interviews. Both went really, really, really well. Both are jobs that I totally, really would LOVE to do. I'm feeling good, people. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.