Saturday, April 30, 2011

coulda shoulda woulda

Can someone please get this gown for their wedding? Or have an INSANELY FORMAL wedding and invite me? I won't wear it in white, I swear!

By reddoll
 Seriously. Get it get it get it!! And then tell the model she really doesn't need to wear that much makeup. Even for a photo shoot. Really.

Friday, April 29, 2011

proposal story part 1. FINALLY.

One year ago today, I asked this guy to marry me:

No, wait... I would never marry that guy. THIS guy:

Hmmm. Not really a prize, either. My Internet must be broken. Weird. So here's how this went down:

First, I told him we were engaged. He disagreed. Which was just silly because HELLO we were totally engaged. And before you're all, " have to wait for him to ask you! You can't just SAY you're engaged!" I'd like to ask YOU: why not? Here are things we had already done by that point:

-Gone to and analyzed potential wedding venues
-Picked and agreed upon a wedding date
-Emailed our photographer
-Discussed very. specific. wedding plans
-WE BOUGHT A HOUSE TOGETHER. You might notice that I proposed on the 6th monthaversary of closing on the house, in fact, because this was such a HUGE relationship step. One which neither of us was willing to take unless we were "moving forward" and soon.
-Had met with Jennifer Yi and customized one of her designs to be my engagement ring. Also I accidentally* saw when he put the down payment on it for her to start work, so I knew it was being created.

I don't know how any of that indicates NOT engaged. But he persisted. It was kind of embarrassing to continually say things like, "I'm engaged!" and have my betrothed disagree with me emphatically. So I asked what would make him recognize our engagement. He said that he needed the blessing of his family members, and the asking had to be momentous. And it had to be ASKED. So fine.

Only his family is EIGHT PEOPLE. His five siblings, aunt, father, and grandfather. And I'd decided I wanted to ask him on the 29th, so it would be on a [kind of] significant day. And the 29th was a Thursday and I didn't have time to meet with all of them before that. Ideally, I would've taken all of them to dinner (minus the ones who live outside of Maryland) to make the formal request. As it was, I called them. Some of them I conference called. Which was kind of extremely awkward. I hate the phone. But they all said yes! I don't know what else they could've said, really. Would I have not asked him if any of them hadn't been on-board? That's another post unto itself.

Also, a note about the fact that I was the one who asked: I'd had the conversation with him early in the relationship, would he be alright if I were the one who proposed, hypothetically? He said he would. But I didn't believe him. He really loves making romantic gestures, so I thought he was just trying to seem uber-egalitarian. So when we started looking at rings, and I told him we were engaged and he denied it, I asked again. "You're SURE you wouldn't be mad if I asked you?" Again he said he wouldn't. Which was when I put my plan into action.

I ordered cufflinks from an Etsy artist named Sonseeahray. Then I got into the detail of my plan. On our one-year dateaversary (Hey! A legitimate -aversary!) I gave him a print of this comic:


He LOVED it, and rightfully so. We both really love that webcomic, and we'd spent our whole relationship being together on the weekends, and trying to stretch Sunday as far out as it would go. So I went through all of the romantical comics on the site and chose a few.




I had my sister edit the last one to say this:

I also had this picture printed, which was taken the day we met**. Oh, and I bought champagne for celebrating. Because I'm presumptuous (see: declaration of engagement, above).

Photo by Andy Hsu, edited by Emily Jermusyk

So after getting all these formatted to the rights sizes and ordering prints (at Staples because it is SO CHEAP and fast and I had a very. tight. timeline.) I bought frames at the craft store and headed to the Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD), where my mom works. I'd asked her if, being in the art scene, she knew anyone who would let me use their gallery that evening. She suggested one in the school. Which was really a glorified stairwell, but by the time I got there and realized this, I didn't have time to change course. I assembled and arranged all the images in "the gallery"...and then I waited. And then I freaked out.

I'd asked The Foliage to come to the school to see the art exhibit I was "helping Mom with" (an exhibit actually was happening, and I helped with them all the time, so this wasn't at all suspicious). But between me putting the finishing touches on the proposal and him arriving, I was in full-on-panic mode. What if it isn't good enough? What if he's really upset that I've done this? What if this is so lame that our future grandchildren laugh at me? Et cetera, et al.

I looked to my mother for reassurance, but she just looked back at me, and seemed to be as panicked as I was, except she had that frozen look on her face that says, "I am working really hard to make sure you don't know how freaked out I am right now." Which is not helpful. I can't imagine how weird it must be to be aware of the HUGE change that's about to take place in your child's life, right in front of you. And to be asked for comfort when you don't even really know how YOU feel. Which occurred to me at the time, but I was far too busy hyperventillating to really empathize.

Finally, he arrived and I ditched my mother. And he was suspicious, but he'd walked into the main exhibit of student art, so he forgot about his hunch, and proceeded to complain about his day while we walked among the art. I fought a creepy half-smile off my face and turned it into sympathetic nodding. I tried not to make eye contact with Mom, who was standing to the side with her coworkers, all of them making faces at me every time The Foliage's back was to them***. I tried to feign interest in the student art I'd asked him to come see. But eventually there was no more. So I steered him into the stairwell, telling him that there were some additional pieces that didn't make it to the main gallery.

And then we were there. It was....incredibly surreal. We were facing the images I'd gathered and assembled, and all I could do was stare at him with a huge goofy smile, waiting for him to realize what was happening. It felt like it took FOREVER. Eventually he recognized one of the images, threw his head back and said...

"I hate you."

OH MY GAWD!! Right?! That's not OK! My response was, "Soooo...should I get on my knee...or something...?" Eventually he said nice things, probably one of them was "yes," and we went to dinner - which wasn't very good - and didn't drink the champagne because the restaurant wouldn't let us uncork it. And he told me about how he'd gone to New York THE DAY BEFORE to pick out the stone for my ring, which would be finished very soon. And then we spent several hours not talking to each other while we text messaged the announcement and talked to close friends and family. So romantic!

Ta da!

If you want to read Proposal Stories Part 2 and Part 3, click those links. And here's all our -aversaries. Because THEY MATTER. Except I definitely neglect pretty much all of them these days. Sometimes I suck at resolve. And now, because this post isn't long enough yet, some of my favorite pictures of us!

Our first date! Taken by My Ship

Like, 3 weeks later or something, mid-bar crawl at the beach. Taken by My Best Friend Who Reads Books.

DTC Prom '08. Not sure who took this picture...

DTC Prom '09. Photo by Erica Harrington.

We make each other le happy. Photo by...Erica or Ray Harrington...I think.

*Yes ACCIDENTALLY. I avoided her site for months, and then looked during the ONE HOUR between her posting the listing and The Foliage buying it.
**Is it not the coolest thing ever that there are pictures of the day we met? And not just any pictures - really really good pictures. Especially this one! Oh, man, idyllic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

normally i don't complain about the weather, but...

Dear wind, Could you just decide which direction you're blowing today? I get that you're all big and bad or whatever, but I'm already dealing with second-day hair. My bobby pins want to know if they should be planning to accommodate blown-back-bangs or spit-riddled-strands. A little heads up would be nice. LYLAS! -Ceej

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the luckiest

At one point over the weekend, The Foliage mentioned some girl he'd gone to school with, and how it was a shame that he hadn't noticed how pretty she was in high school. I asked what he meant* and he said, "Oh, you know...she had the dark hair and the super fair skin...she just never played it up."

The dark hair and fair skin. Like those are automatically really sought-after features. People are allllllways talking about their ideal woman being pale like Casper and having brown hair. All the time. Right. I mean, did you see "Baywatch"?

I guess we both kinda struck gold.

*You totally thought this was going to be about me having a jealous fit, right? Puh-leeze. See blog title (above).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

miss manners

My desk is in the basement of my building. I may have mentioned this once or twice. It's not a bad basement; it's well-lit and thoughtfully-arranged and really doesn't feel basementy at all.

Except that they totally half-assed the walls down here.

Upstairs, the walls are...the walls. They're always there because they've always been there. We've got more of a temporary vibe going on down here. And the walls to my half of the floor aren't 100% stable. They won't FALL or anything, they just rattle. And the doors rattle. And people let them close themselves. Hard. Because the doors don't have anything to slow them down. And it drives me nuts. So I always take a second to close the doors gently behind me. Always. And people have asked me why I do. My answer is usually, "My mother would kill me if she knew I let a door slam like that." They're still confused because apparently they're deaf and blind to the XXXTREME RATTLING.

My mother would not be so ignorant. She employed what I like to think of as Guerilla Etiquette Lessons when we were little. The example that comes to mind most clearly is sneezing. She would sneeze - somewhere on the other side of the house - and a second later, we would hear, "IS SOMEONE GONNA BLESS ME?!" And we'd all scream, "BLESS YOU, MOMMY!" to make sure she heard. Because if she didn't, she would suddenly appear at the door, unblessed and indignant, and ready for ass-kicking and name-taking.

I'm so compulsive about blessing people post-sneezes, that I was scolded at a previous job for saying "bless you" TOO OFTEN. The VP had awful allergies, and I said it after every sneeze. I didn't even realize I was doing this because it's so automatic. They told me several times to say it once after her first sneeze and then to ignore her, but OMG WHAT IF MY MOM SHOWS UP?!

Dear Mom, my coworker who sits right next to the crazyloud door sends her regards.

Monday, April 25, 2011

quite right chap quite right

From We Heart It (search term: white)

Today is the Perfect Date. "Because it's not too hot, and not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket." Except this year it's INSANELY HOT (for April), and The Foliage and I sweat buckets onto our [now disgusting] carpet when we worked out this morning. And then the humidity in my apartment made my hair stick to my sweaty neck and face get all wavy. Lame!

Buuuut I'm wearing my favorite a-line skirt and cute wedges and pearl earrings, so FINE I guess I'll just be grateful for the opportunity to be so overtly WASCy.

From "Miss Congeniality" which, yes, was kind of mediocre. But my mom and sisters and I loved this line, and we've recognized April 25th every year since.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

spell it out

I used to love monograms. Then I started dating The Foliage. Whose last initial is "P" which is not a problem. But I, difficult being that I am, decided a long time ago that when I got married, my husband would change his name, too. To a hyphenated name or a completely new name or whatever we mutually decided. I just thought it was total crap that I had to go through the hassle by myself. Get married, become a team, and then BAM you're on your own with forms, sucka!

So we decided to take both of his parents' last names. Some of his siblings have both names, one has their mom's last name as his middle name, and The Foliage just got their dad's last name. It's all very confusing, and he attributes it to the fact that his parents "weren't too good with paperwork." When they brought him home from the hospital, he didn't even have a FIRST name. I don't even know how that happens. He only learned this in the last few years when he tried to get a copy of his original birth certificate, and it was pretty much blank. Ha! So weird.

I love the combination of his parents' last names, and I'm really excited about taking them as my new surname. Two words, no dash. Still a pain like my family name, but pronounceable, which is a change for me. BUT. The initials. They're "T.P." So. No monogrammed stuff for us. He says his mom used to draw little teepees at the ends of their names, but I don't care. No amount of artwork is going to convince me that TP is not toilet paper. None.

Am I being completely ridiculous? And, oh man, I just realized I won't be "Ceej" anymore! Oh noes! I'll be CeeTP...or something. I could take out the "T" and be Ceep...Seep...Seepage...? Ugh. I'll have to think about this one. Suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i would totally marry: heroes

The series continues! Whooooo!! I don't have a whole lot of time, so this will have to be short. Luckily, heroes annoy me, so it shouldn't take too long.

Hercules - So above and beyond annoying. Also blonde. Which is an automatic disqualification. Only child? Maybe? Not sure. But that'd be an automatic disqualification, too. ALSO he gets naked and oils himself and fights with dudes. I don't care which gender is on the other side of the ring, the nude oil thing is weird. It's hard enough to reconcile some of The Foliage's favorite activities (like watching SO MUCH FOOTBALL), I just can't imagine having to explain this one to people. "Where's Hercules?" "Oh, you know, being slippery and fighting some guy." Right. No.

Achilles - Another ancient Greek! I think he was blonde, too. But looking past that, do I really want to be with someone indestructible? The Foliage is about as close as a human can get*, but I enjoy the fact that he's still vulnerable. In fact, I enjoy it immensely. Could Achilles ever take part in a tickle fight? I doubt it. I consider tickle fights to be an integral component in my relationship. And ankle-tickling is pretty lame and un-fun. De. Nied.

Superman/Clark Kent - Wait a minute...Clark Kent is Superman?! Superman is ANNOYING. I would DEFINITELY mack on Clark Kent, though. Here's the problem with heroes in general for me: they know they're heroes. And I hate that. No humility. Which I realize is usually the heroic flaw that is the whole point of whatever the literary work is. I know. But the awareness doesn't make it any less annoying. I get really excited when heroes get the beat-down. Clark Kent, though. That dude is SUH-MOKIN'. I ruv ruv ruv his glasses and the clumsiness and he's totally smart. I need to screen him in person (does he hate mushrooms? I can't live life without mushrooms. I can't.), but his chances are looking good...

Holden Caufield - Really only a hero in the strictest sense of the literary term. But he's more annoying than Hercules, even. Oooooh, guess what, Holden? I'm phony! Totes phony! Why don't you go whine about it? Pffft....

Harry Potter - Step 1 of our relationship: new glasses. Step 2: laser treatment for that stupid scar. Step 3: try to look older than 12. Step 4: change your name to anything other than "Harry." I haven't read the books, so my expertise on this guy is limited to the movies. And not even all the movies, just the first couple. I know he looks older than he DID, but he still looks crazy young to me. My impression to date, though, is that he isn't very fun. He's too busy being considerate or sacrificing himself for his nearest and dearest. OH and also only child. Totally forgot. Shut. Down. And I'm down with athletes, but I couldn't handle the seeker lifestyle. I would have a heart attack at every match. Maybe he could magic-up some Xanax for me, though. That'd be sweet. But it's not for sure, so...I'm going to shelf him. The constant attacks from Voldemort would get old FAST. And the movie previews don't suggest that Harry fends him off so well. I'm more of a let's-not-be-attacked-by-the-essence-of-evil kind of girl. Call me old-fashioned.

So does anyone have CK's number? Holla at me. I've got a date with destiny.

*Fun fact: one time when he was out running, a mugger attacked The Foliage with a baseball bat. TF got the bat away from the guy, and beat him up, then called the cops. The guy had been wanted in connection with a string of robberies. Have I told this story on here before? I don't care. It's my favorite. People are always all, "He's the nicest ever!" And then I'm all, "Yeah, that's true, but he can also KICK YOUR ASS so just WATCH it." ...And then he's, like, "Please don't threaten people on my behalf." And then I sulk.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

with the thoughts i'd be thinkin' i could be another lincoln

I know that in right-triangles the hypoteneuse is always the longest side...but is the sum of the lengths of the other 2 sides always longer than the hypoteneuse? I feel like that's true.

And THAT is the sort of sh*t that I think about on my walk to the metro each morning. It's like I'm almost smart because apparently I ponder geometry on my downtime, but I still lose because I don't know the answers to my questions, and I never look them up, I just keep wondering. Thanks, brain. You're a doll. And by "doll" I mean "97% useless."

Monday, April 18, 2011

under pressure

I was informed this weekend* that the readers during weddings are generally pitied. Because doing the readings is a BS job. The Junior Varsity to the bridal party's Varsity.

But we don't have a bridal party. And there are only so many "jobs" to do (without being a full-on working vendor).

So I would just like to express that these wedding rules of thumb? They're absolute crap. If somebody has a role in my wedding (even if it's just showing up and watching the ceremony), they're important. I don't want people who don't lead exemplary lives to read the sacred words we've chosen. I don't want people in unhappy relationships to pray over our rings. And I don't want people who we DO choose to carry out these roles to feel slighted.

If you're so much as invited to my wedding, I want you to know that you are important to us. I'm sorry we can't have all of you be bridal party members or give you all specific jobs to do. But I want you all to know that we love you, and we're so excited that you're a part of our community. Come, eat, dance and don't over-think it.

*Otherwise it was a pretty awesome weekend, spent with 2 of my most favorite ladies in the whole world.

Friday, April 15, 2011

mexico? no manches!

Two weeks into Insanity and my legs are the thinnest they've been since I hit puberty. And I'm taking the periods of consistently running 12 miles per week into account. Alright, Shaun T. You win this round.

Bring it, Mexico!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm way happier than that earlier post makes it sound. I try not to be negative via the Internetz, but who doesn't have regrets in his or her life? People who say they don't regret anything aren't thinking hard enough.

Really I feel more like this:


Days like this make me [extra] wistful about working in a basement. I can't wait to go to Europe with The Foliage. I fully intend to overdress for every occasion and pay way too much for touristy boat rides along famous rivers. Perfecto.

[insert religion known for guilt here]

It's really weird to reconnect with people that were "better" than me in middle school. I say "better" rather than "more popular" because that would imply that I had any level of popularity at the time. Which I did not. At all. If Dwight Shrute and I had grown up together, I would have been below him on the popularity totem pole.

The other kids wore the right clothes and said the right things and got really good grades. A lot of them seem to be doing very well, and are living out their ambitious dreams. But others....wear way too much makeup and appear to drink for a living. I know my parents tried to explain these children to me, back in the dizzay, but it didn't take. They explained why maaaaaybe the lives of those kids weren't as ideal as they seemed. And tried to tell me not to compare myself to other people. But of course it didn't work.

I wish there were some way to raise children knowing these things. To feel genuine pity and compassion. I know it's totally pointless to feel guilty now, and really unrealistic to think I could've affected any change at that age, but I still feel badly. Like I missed an opportunity to be kind when that was exactly what someone needed. All I ever did was resent them. Stupid.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rebel rebel

Things you should have in your car at all times:
-Registration (up to date)
-Jumper cables

Things The Foliage has in his car at all times:
-Registration (expired)
-A basketball
-A football
-A minimum of 3 frisbees (usually more)
-One pair of football cleets (I moved these to the coat closet this weekend, and today he found out and was UP. SET.)
-Unpaid traffic tickets
-CDs he doesn't want or that don't work anymore
-A box of stuff neither of us has really explored in the past 3 was in the trunk of his old car, and when it broke and we had to push it to the donation pick-up area, we moved the whole thing to his new car's trunk. Where it has stayed, undisturbed, for over 2 years.
-The box for the Progressive good-driver-tracker thing, which does NOT improve his rates because he drives like he hates humanity.
-Crusty Wawa Mac and Beef remains. That's a long story. That one's not his fault.
-A wooden chess set

Nothing that would be helpful in an emergency (unless the emergency was: Quick! Someone needs to play a 1-on-1 game CODE RED!). Nothing that's useful, really, ever.

I'm really excited to let this guy drive my future offspring around someday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

are you smarter than a _th grader?

When I was in the 6th grade, my teacher got mad at the class for being too loud one day, so he assigned us each to write 1,000 words on the value of quiet. And it was hard. I had NO idea how the other kids were doing it. I pretty much wrote, "I'm sorry we were being loud. Quiet is important for reflection and learning." And then I changed the "I'm" to "I am." And then I counted up the words and muttered curses to myself.

It took me ALL. DAY. and eventually I started just writing things like, "Look, I have nothing else to say on the subject, so I'm just going to start rambling. Don't take any of the following seriously." And ended up putting something down about how forced silence was forced compliance and censorship or something like that. I didn't even get to the 1,000 word mark, even with my phony anarchist ramblings.

And the next day, he read that phony anarchist rambling to the class, and looked at me pointedly, and was SUPER defensive about it. And I was all, "I'm not a nutjob, I was just trying to fill up space on the page!" But it didn't matter. I was the 6th grade's true blue nutjob anyway.

I'm still bitter about this.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

all aboard

Today we have reached that point in our relationship where if The Foliage needs underwear, I'll grab some for him while I run my other errands. Awwwww!! He's going to love these Thomas the Tank briefs!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

aim high

I hope that even after human beings bogart my nutrients, shoot out of my body, and then trample on my dreams...I'll still be goofy.

Taken by Natacha Ferreira Reyes, who is awesome, in Wisconsin, which is also awesome.

Friday, April 8, 2011

shorty fire burnin' on the dance floor

You know who has weird hair? Kim Basinger.


It's like curly...ish. But sometimes the top layer is straight while the hair underneath that is going NUTS. Why won't it make up its mind?! It's very distracting. I could hardly pay attention during "Batman" because all I wanted to do was take a brush to that ish. I'm so glad my hair is amazing and I never have to deal with that. Whew!

Also I never realized just how many naked photo shoots Kim Basinger did in her early career. Thanks, Google image search. You always go the extra mile to show me things I did not need to see.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i would totally marry: villains

So we've established that I am PRIME MARRIAGE REAL ESTATE, and if it weren't for stupid cloning regulations and American legalese (I'm fairly certain marrying oneself would be considered incest in this country), I would totally put a ring on it myself. And while The Foliage is a great consolation prize, I thought I'd look at some other options. Just to make sure I've covered all my life bases. I hope to make this a recurring series, as I really love judging marriage prospects. First up: villains. Mostly Disney. Don't judge me.

Captain Hook
Pros: Has his own ship (ahem, YACHT). Mean to children. Sweet mustache.
Cons: Hook for a hand. Ouch.

Ursula the Sea Witch
Pros: Can give me legs.
Cons: Will take my voice, which ROOLZ. And "eight is a lot o' legs."

Mark Zuckerberg (yes, I consider him a least the villain of "The Social Network")
Pros: I would have so. many. friends.
Cons: I mostly don't even like having friends. Jaykay. Maybe. Also, every time I see Jesse Eisenberg kiss someone, it gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't want to see him kiss anyone, ever. That's probably a bad sign for marriage, right? Yeah. OK.

Pros: Personal nay-sayer-eating cat. Word!
Cons: A little touchy about the self-identity jazz. Probably needs therapy. Premarital counseling would be ROUGH.

Cruella DeVille
Pros: Yay squishy puppies everywhereeeeee!!!
Cons: OMG WHAT R U DOING TO THE PUPPIES?! Also she puts pepper on everything, including ice cream. I just can't live like that.

For the time being, I guess I'll leave my nuptial plans as they are, but I'll think of more possible wrenches later. Suggestions for next time are welcome!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no YOU'RE a firework

Insanity was hard. Really hard. Maybe-we-should-just-join-a-gym hard. But we've promised each other to do Day 2, so we'll see how that goes. Last night, Day 1, was the cardio circuit, which sounds to me like the hardest workout category. So maybe tonight will be easier. Knock. On. Wood.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

joey's favorite food

We're going to Mexico in 30 days. Thirty. Days. That's how long I have until I'll be wearing a BATHING SUIT in the SUN. My winterized, Wisconsinized body. Remember how I totally started Weight Watchers that one time? Well. Yeah. That got Wisconsined* too.

It's not like I can really do much about the pallor portion of my concern, but by GAWD I will be confident about my body at that friggin' resort.

So The Foliage and I are starting the Insanity workout plan tonight. I'd done the fitness test before, but it was really hard and scared me away, and that was several months ago. I warned him that it was awful, but he didn't really heed my warning. Big mistake.

Anyway. We can do this for 30 days, right? I think we can keep up a regime that long. I refuse to waste a beach vacation feeling self-conscious about the visible remainders of fried-stuff-with-cheese.

*"Wisconsin" will now be a verb referring to the destruction of my physique. But it also can mean the growth of my love for human beings. It's a complicated place. Also I'm still doing WW, but I'm a lot less consistent than I was when I started. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

opportunity cost

This weekend The Foliage, my mother and I compared invitation notes...and completely scrapped them in favor of a new, amazing plan. Seriously...your mind is going to be blown.

But not until after the wedding. There have to be SOME surprises.

If we were to buy invitations, however, they'd probably be from one of these two stores:


Royal Steamline

So. Awesome. Both shops are just absolutely GENIUS, and trick me into dreaming for hours about completely new wedding plans, just to build entire events around their designs. Love. So much love.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

i need i need i want i want

So I came across this purse on Etsy

And I was all, "OMG PERFECTION." And then saw that the seller invites you to choose your own fabric. Which angered me because, hello? Per.fec.tion.

But then I looked at the rest of the shop and said, "Oh. Oh, I see."

Yeahhhhhhh can I add clutch purses to my wedding registry? I feel like they'll complete my life slash make me insanely happy, which can only be good for my marriage...right? Also I want that shelf en mi vida.

Both [phenomenal] items by eclu.

Friday, April 1, 2011

no i can't. i can't lift anything up at all.

Man, I LOVE this video. I've watched it so. many. times. but I still can't get enough. And I've started doing the lint-dragging-struggling voice to The Foliage at least once a day. For the past 2 weeks. I don't know why...but I loves.

"My" part comes at 3:00, but I strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing. Like 5 gazillion times.