Wednesday, February 29, 2012

don't panic

No need to worry, you guys, I took this quiz and it says I'm a Solid Liberal. What a relief! Also a surprise because I felt like my selections were pretty pro-capitalism and leaning toward "the government does not have enough money to throw more at X problem." I guess as soon as you say you're cool with gay people, there's no way you can be anything other than liberal. Or something. Man, I hate politics.

Monday, February 27, 2012

oh geez

(While watching "The Two Towers: extended edition" last night)
Me: !! That never happened! But maybe I read the book wrong...
The Foliage: ...
(After the movie)
Me: I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and I was right. X, Y and Z never happened in the book and they totally changed [this other thing].
The Foliage: I am so excited that you are a "Lord of the Rings" snob now.
Me: ...ugh. This is probably my least favorite thing about myself.
Also, recently, The Foliage, his sister and cousin and I discussed constructs in society that are the worst ever.
Example: Monsanto's control over modern produce. You don't want Monsanto vegetables, but the effing government is signing CONTRACTS with them! Because that's gone so well for independent farmers in Mexico for the past 3 decades. So their products are increasingly unavoidable, and if you want to eat corn ever in your life, you just have to deal. 
More different example: it's expected that you work a full time job during your prime years in order to save up enough to MAYBE not work and HOPEFULLY not get sick in the final years of your life, because you probably won't be able to afford health insurance. And the constantly rising cost of living means that in most domestic partnerships, both people have to work. But the government apparently SUPER LOVES BABIES, but not so much childcare. And it just doesn't make any sense!! How can we all work AND have babies AND afford to pay taxes and rent at the same time?
So the conclusion to that conversation was to keep working to be able to financially afford to set up a situation that doesn't rely on those stupid, harmful, contradictory institutions. Like buying a large plot of land and developing it commune-style. And being as self-reliant as possible.
But here's what I realized watching "The Two Towers: extended edition":
Taking part in something evil because you think it's ultimately unavoidable is the worst idea ever! There are all these tribes of Men, and some choose to stand against Sauron, but a LOT pledge their allegiance to him because, hey! He's super powerful. And he's going to be in charge eventually, probably, so it'll be better in the long run if we just jump on his bandwagon. And afterward we'll be able to live peacefully because we've appeased evil dude with our loyalty.
And watching this it's SO OBVIOUS that that's a terrible idea. Even if you don't know who wins the war, you know that aligning yourself with evil is wrong. You know that. Everyone knows that.
So, in the more immediate/non-fictional sense, why would you take part in these systems that you know to be detrimental to the world? Obviously it's a huge leap from Monsanto to Sauron (or not so huge, depending on who you are), but the idea stands. There is always another way. There isn't always a clear "right" way, but it's pretty obvious which ways are completely wrong. And just because certain systems are pervasive or you can't imagine how life could exist without them, doesn't mean there isn't another way to do things.
I think this might make me a Libertarian or something? I will never check that box on a form. But I for defs don't want my tax dollars going to Sauron.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

miercoles de ceniz

It's Ash Wednesday! The day of repentance second only to Good Friday! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!
Oh, man, I am excited about this lenten season. Here's what I/we are doing:
1. I'm giving up cursing. Again. Using my usual method (out loud curses result in out loud Our Fathers, mental curses get thought-through Our Fathers).
2. The Foliage and I are co-giving up being late for stuff. I thought this was SO GENIUS and then realized that we did it already. Oh, well. Apparently it didn't take. So here we are. We were late for mass this morning. Yeesh...good start, team.
3. I'm adding a lot of stuff as I go along today. For instance, I'm going to make an effort to respond to people's small talk and niceties. I generally can't stand having to give an enthused "Good Morning!" and "Good night!" to every. single. person. every. single. day. at work,'s polite. Typically I just act like I didn't hear them. So I'll stop doing that I guess.
4. Also added today (during mass): Be a better big sister, and wife. For the sister portion, I want to set up a weekly or every-other-week sister Skype session. Cap's going to LOVE IT. For being a wife, I think my biggest area for improvement is probably acknowledging when I'm wrong and apologizing faster. Usually when The Foliage and I argue, he apologizes for his part in the misunderstanding first, and then I feel AWFUL because of COURSE it was usually my fault in the first place. I really need to work on setting aside my pride. Is it OK to feel like you're doing alright as a daughter? I should probably up my parental communication. Yeah, alright, I'll do that.
5. I (and possibly The Foliage) am going to attempt to read the entire Bible before Easter. This may prove to be impossible. What with it being incredibly long. And it being in direct competition with The Lord of the Rings trilogy (just started The Return of the King! Finally!!). Might have to extend my deadline beyond Easter, but it's still an imminent goal. Maybe I'll also give myself the rest of April? Or until Memorial Day? Work in progress, obviously. I've read or heard the entirety of the Bible plenty of times, but I've never gotten all the way through it myself, and I'd really really like to.
That's all I've got at the moment. And it's a lot. So don't let me add any more goals, mmkay? Maybe a goal should be not to hold other people responsible for my decisions. Ohhhhh what a conundrum for you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

list form

Things that happened yesterday:
  • My office was closed for Presidents' Day. I was supposed to get up early and run with The Foliage, but I did not.
  • Instead I ran by myself in the afternoon. And I ran 6.4 MILES!!! I walked another 1 mile, during my warm up and cool down. Very excited about this.
  • Afterwards I took a shower, and then swabbed my ears. But the tip of the q-tip fell off. Inside my right ear. And I tried to retrieve it, but have been unsuccessful thus far.
Things that have happened so far today:
  • I want to eat ALL THE THINGS because apparently running over 6 miles uses a lot of calories or something.
  • I'm very concerned about my ear canal's risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome. Very.
Things that will happen later today:
  • The Foliage will help me dig a lump of cotton out of my ear (way to get tricked into marriage, d00d, and also welcome to THE REST OF YOUR LIFE), somehow without damaging my ear drum. And then I'll refer to the safety insert in my nearest box of tampons for symptoms and preemptive treatment.
  • Then we'll have a bunch of wine and cheese and chocolates for Mardi Gras.
  • I will definitely not have a stomachache from consuming those things.
And then, Lent! My favorite!! Get ready for some self-deprivation in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, you guys.

Monday, February 13, 2012


An excerpt of a conversation with A-Train, in which I maybe use my hypothetical futurekid to barter:
[A-Train]:  I mean I'll think about it... it's a pretty big commitment but ugh wow [Ceej] I wasn't expecting this
Me:  It'll probably be athletic and get scholarships and stuff
A:  Haha I love how that was a positive for you
I was all, "ugh it's gonna have [The Foliage]'s genes and want to be active and sh*t"
Me:  Hahahaha
A:  Like i literally said that out loud
Dear world, I apologize in advance for the havoc my futurespawn is going to wreak on you. Oopsies! And A-Train, I have you in my trapper keeper as babysitter numero uno. With lots of security cameras.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

taming the beast

I am so glad I don't drink coffee. Apparently all you guys are miserable without it? Well, HAHA SUCKERS. I'm just miserable thanks to nature! No addiction's gonna get me [even more] down!
Life notes:
Hosted the Superbowl. It was awesome. Partially because I made THREE KINDS OF CHILI, ALL OF WHICH WERE AMAZING. Partially because my parents came down (with food! Shrimp salsa?! Shyes.) and are Giants fans, so (spoiler alert) they were happy at the end of the night.
Subnote to the Superbowl - so much non-paleo deliciousness abounded (bacon cupcake omg!!) but I did not stray! Though there may or may not be a bacon cupcake in my freezer right now, ready for post-whole 30 rejoicing.
More different subnote - The commercials were super disappointing. Except maybe the VW Darth one. Madonna was way better than I expected her to be. Also I love anything involving LMFAO ever, so there's that. And M.I.A.! And Nicky Minaj! It was like pop heaven and my brain almost exploded.
Last night went rock climbing and completed a 5.8 route!!! My limit before that had been 5.7, but the jump between ratings is HUGE. 5.7 is now totally achievable for me, but 5.8 is...a monster. You might say The Foliage towed me up the wall and I happened to get my hands and feet onto some grips. And you might be accurate. Next time.
The Foliage's fancy company gala is this Friday, so I can't go climbing again until after that because UGH the BRUISES. People as ungraceful as I am should maybe not take up this hobby. My legs look ridiculous. And I bought a knee-length dress. Oops. Hoping they clear up with the quickness...
Forgot until YESTERDAY that we promised to plan my youngest brother-in-law's high school graduation celebratory dinner. Haha WHOOPS. Where does one take a ton of people, most of which are pretty-old-Jews, on Sunday evening? Between [sausage-laden] brunch and dinner? For TexMex, of course. Don't get hangry at ME, lady, eat your chips and salsa. 100% pareve. Yesssss.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dream on

So I failed. I'm a big ol' failure. Failfailfail.
Monday night was the DC APW Book Signing. And I'd been looking forward to it for months. MONTHS!! So had some of my friends. Their form of "looking forward to" however translated to "bringing mad of them baked goods." Which is weird because my translation was something like "pack snacks and eat them judiciously throughout the day before having a salad for dinner and then several gallons of water."
It was that blog post, you guys. All day I'd been thinking about that breadpuddingtoast and feeling like I could smite a puppy to get my hands on some.
Everything was fine. Got a salad at Cosi (after checking ALL of their options for allergens online...great nutrition info on their site, by the by), was drinking water, no problem. But Michelle brought cupcakes. From Hello Cupcake. And even specifically got a couple of gluten-free ones for Meg.
But then Meg was tired! And didn't hang out at the afterparty! And zomg so many cupcakes were going to be wasted! And also I felt so sad that my friend went out of her way to buy overpriced cupcakes that were now going unappreciated. And I kept trying to distract myself, and stay strong, and tell myself there were no excuses. But sad friend! And foodwaste! So I had a cupcake. A pitycake, if you will. And then the floodgates were opened. A lot of cake-related things happened. Is as much as I'm going to elaborate on that.
And it wasn't even that good! I mean, it was all baked and sugary or whatever, so it's what it was supposed to be. But I didn't feel fulfilled after I'd had it. And I definitely had a stomachache, though it wasn't as bad as I'd expected.
Sooooo now I'm back to Whole 30. Though I did have Sun Butter (mother of gawd they sell 5 pound pailsssss) for the first time yesterday, which probably isn't technically allowed because of the cane sugar, but which maybe completes my life? It's possible. Anyway. It's off-limits again until after the 30 days is done. But I'm thinking of just sticking with primarily Whole 30 rules after the 30 days. At least 80% of the time. Which allows for 1 reasonably sized cheat meal per week OR 3 cheat snacks (or meal components like breading on chicken or side dishes) per week.
And to keep me accountable, I've joined stickK (handle: Ceej, if you want to friend me). Which, um, I HAD THE IDEA FOR 2 YEARS AGO. I seriously did. The Foliage and I talked about it a LOT and fleshed out the details, but never designed the website, and now those people are making a zillion dollars. And now they're going to maybe have some of MY dollars, because I've pledged $10 per week for every week that I don't achieve my goals.
Here's my weekly goals checklist:
-Run at least twice per week
-Rock climb at least once per week
-Barre/yoga/strength train at least once per week
-Maintain 80% minimum paleo diet
Unrelated, a fun thing to do is to sign up to pay $10 per week out of your joint checking account, to stay accountable for health-related goals, and not tell your husband until afterwards. BAM built-in motivator in your house! No WAY is he going to pretend not to hear me when I suggest running in the morning anymore. Strategery. I has it.