Friday, March 30, 2012

maybe meataversary would be more apropo

I owe you a Paleo Fish Fry post. And the post I wrote about how when I was little I totally thought Molly Ringwald was my mom every time I watched, "The Breakfast Club."
But it's March 30th. Which is my 4th Meetaversary.
4 years ago today I looked like I "did. not. care." and The Foliage was cute and ran laps around effing memorials because he has too much energy for a single human being.
And this morning he was SO EXCITED to show me an app on the iPad that he couldn't even take the extra 1/2 second to pull his shirt all the way down. Apparently this app is THE BEST THING EVER to happen as far as drawing on the iPad is concerned (it's called "Paper" for those interested) but I couldn't tell you much more about it because I was totally ignoring all his nonstop mouthsounds to check out his stomach and try to calculate whether there was time for sex (there wasn't - we were already late for work).
It's really a good thing we're married, otherwise my behavior towards him would be 100% inappropriate. And could get me some stern talks from HR. Dodged THAT bullet.
For our First Meetaversary I had a chocolate mousse torte delivered to his office. It had a gold plaque thingie on top that said "get well soon" and came in a really gaudy box. Then he sent me Retribution Flowers and I had to explain them to all of my coworkers, who acted like I was a douche for not being sooooo appreciative of them. "But they're specifically to embarrass me!" I said. No one listened. It was annoying.
This year I'm celebrating by leaving him to spend the weekend with a couple of my best girlfriends. I'm a good wife. Trust me, it's way better this way.

Monday, March 26, 2012

dancing's for another day

I just finished the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. And it BLEW my MIND. I won't go into all the ways it did so here. You should read it, though. Whoever you are. Just read it.
The one chapter I WILL discuss was about rice paddy regions of China. And how the people there toil ENDLESSLY on their plots of land, and have lots of maxims that encourage constant productivity. And I started thinking about how I spend my time. To someone outside myself, I probably seem crazy driven and productive. In fact, I know I do because my friends make comments about it all the time. But I don't feel like I"m doing enough. Which is probably a sign of a productive person. But I digress.
I started thinking about how I'll sit down and watch TV when I get home sometimes. Or go online. Or nap on the weekends. And I realized how unfulfilling those things are. I'll let myself slow down in the name of recuperation, but all I feel afterwards is guilt or annoyance with myself. Time passes too quickly. Opportunities are lost.
Then I contrasted this with how much I LOVE exploring and being busy on vacation. On our honeymoon, we spent one week in Barcelona and the other in the Canary Islands. Of course we did a lot of wandering and tasting and finding during Barcelona week. We got maybe one day of that in the Islands. And the first week felt like it went on forEVER. The second week was still nice but it felt like it flew by.
Pretty sure this means that I hate holding still. Which I probably should've realized before, but I didn't. One day this weekend, I even used this logic to get myself up to take a shower. Which, unless I have a strict schedule or something, is typically impossible. But I reminded myself that I'd feel way better about my day if I got showered and went to do things right away. And oh man it was so true. I was just laying in bed with nowhere to go! That used to be my jam!! This is exciting stuff, people.
And THEN! Friday night we went to dinner with some of The Foliage's family. (He has a new aunt. Seriously. It's a long story. Which I probably don't have the right to discuss on MY blog, but email me for gossip.) And I told my future-stepmother-in-law about this epiphany. And she responded, very seriously, "You should really look into that." Like...she thinks I should be tres concerned. About how I like to do things to relax.
I was pretty taken aback. But then I remembered that the typical mode of relaxation in my community (or whatever you want to call it) is holding still. Maybe getting a massage. Having someone wait on you hand and foot. And not wanting to do those things can easily be construed as on-the-road-to-Strokesville.
My point in promoting activity wasn't to say that I want to WORK all the time. But that I'd rather spend my downtime learning a new craft or taking a yoga class than clearing the Netflix queue. But now I don't know who's ridiculous - the American who looks to rest for refreshment, or the rice farmer who scoffs at sleeping. Please weigh in so I can crowd-source medical-ish advice rather than find a professional. Gr8thx.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

we were meant to live for so much more

I ran it! I ran almost the whole time! I didn't die! My left food and knee have felt super wrenchy and weird ever since, but I can walk almost as easily as before the race! My official time was 2:26:24. WHICH IS AWESOME!! I thought I'd be struggling to keep up with the 2:30:00 pace group, but stayed ahead of them pretty easily.
I am not one of those people who remembers every detail of a race and can tell you what she felt during each mile. Here's my summary: adrenaline from the crowds and excitement of the day carried me through the first 4 miles pretty fast, then I mostly just settled in and got through mile after mile. At one point I really really had to go to the bathroom, but then I walked a bit and didn't. GU is the worst thing that's ever been invented in the history of things. There weren't enough bands, but I really really liked the drum line and the hip hop guy. The Foliage and I ran together except for the last 2 miles and he almost tripped over cones a couple of times. Then it took forEVER to get out of the finish area and to the metro. Which was a NUTSO trip trying to get out to the Armory in time, and was pretty crowded on the way home, too. I look skinnier than I expected to in the race photos, and I can't WAIT to see the finish line video.
Very exciting, I know.
Also I'm kind of an idiot and committed to running the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler on April 1st. Two weeks after the half marathon. I got impressive blisters on Saturday, but they don't hurt already, so that's probably a good sign. I hope. I totally thought pre-half-marathon that I'd like to run a full-marathon eventually. Just to see if I could. But now I know that no, no I don't care if I can or could or whatever. Running 26.2 miles sounds like the dumbest idea ever. And what a first world hobby this is. Running. RUNNING. On purpose! Without being chased or anything! And PAYING to do so!
Though I will say that between the samples at the expo (I went up to the Larabar table more than once...) and finding $20 on the ground at the finish line (The Foliage picked it up, not me) and signing up early to get the best rate possible, we didn't do THAT badly. Considering.
Sunday after waking up late I made The Foliage take me to approximately 7 billion stores and work on a ton of projects to wrap up our master bedroom decorating. And it's almost done now. Just need to get a few things on the walls. And Because holy eff you guys. It's pretty much ZE COOLEST bedroom ever. Ever. Just a heads up, you are going to be so jealous. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

how did i let this happen

The day after tomorrow I am running A HALF-MARATHON.
Is it "a" or "an" half-marathon? I never know with those "h" words. Confusing.
In any of those. I'm doesing it. Though when I say "running' I might actually mean "suffering through" and/or "collapsing during." Potato, potawto.
When The Foliage ran his first one, well, we got bed bugs from the hotel where we stayed. But ALSO there was a lot more build-up. It was a RACE WEEKEND. We STAYED SOMEWHERE. There were specific RACE-PREP MEALS and PLANS. And that hasn't really happened this time. We just have to get on the metro super early on Saturday, aaaaand then we run. I haven't trained as hard as he did, though I have been working out a LOT and building up my endurance.
But it wasn't until this week, and I looked at the race's website and saw a link to a service that allows your loved ones to track your progress via text messages, that I remembered that it's a Big Deal this time too.
Holy crap, you guys. I'm running a[n] half-marathon!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I packed my day's snacks this morning: An orange, a salad, some leftover chicken, a few cups of carrot sticks. And when I dug into my just wasn't...right. The smell wasn't offensive, it was just. Less than correct.
And oh my gawd, you guys, I didn't eat it. "Oooooh big deal, Ceej, way to make the choice normal people everywhere have been making forever." YEAH IT IS A BIG DEAL, JERK. I have NEVER not eaten leftovers. I am a leftover-eating machine. I have had countless stomachaches and near-misses with food poisoning, but I have gone on, undeterred.
OK so I had a couple of bites. I had to see! What if my nose was tricking me? And the chicken didn't taste weird, but my nose had freaked me out enough that I stopped myself.
I think this means I'm a grown up? So that's exciting. Maybe tomorrow I can learn some capitals or something about politics!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Bought green skinny jeans at H&M on Saturday, and decided to show them off today. With a typically uncomfortable looking stance a la ferreal fashion blogger. You're welcome.

Monday, March 5, 2012

small triumphs

It's pretty nice being at a super fancy wedding ON your sixth monthaversary, in a super hot-but-still-uber-classy cocktail dress, and having your hair play nice with hot rollers for once so your curls actually stay in ALL DAY, and dancing with your husband who you totally totally missed a lot while you watched a romantic comedy about a long distance relationship the night before. And also hanging out with [one of] your best friend[s] at the mall like it's 2001 and getting a pair of bright green skinny jeans for $19.99 (no sales tax, hooray Delaware!!).
But also now I would really like to nap. Really.

Friday, March 2, 2012

if i could just get paid to hold still

The other night The Foliage and I did a life coach worksheet thingie (recommended to me by Marcela whose name I want to steal). We completed them separately and then discussed our answers together. That's not the point of this post. Though I will say OMG I/WE LOVE THOSE THINGS. For our first anniversary, we're planning to take a long weekend trip and conduct a DIY relationship retreat. My granna gave us a bunch of relationship books and workbooks as a wedding gift, and I'm really excited to go through them together.
OK, admittedly, so far this is the lamest post ever. I can't promise it'll get better.
One of the things that emerged on my worksheet was a desire to be more self-motivated and disciplined. Because ummmmm I am not. At all. I'll go through spurts of it, but for the most part, if I didn't have to show up for my job or eventually sometimes eat, I might never get out of bed.
Have you ever spent an entire day in bed? It is GLORIOUS. Spa days are a waste of money. Just live it up in your bed. Preferably with a book. Too much TV can ruin it. Anyway. Not the point.
The point is: I am a lethargic slob by nature. And I'd really really like to be an energetic neat freak. Well, maybe not all the way to "freak." But consistently neat. That would be nice. And the PROBLEM is that being prone to depression, I will periodically lose interest in all things. ALL things. Including washing my face. And worrying about potential bed sores from spending too much time on the couch. And as I let things go, and the mess piles up, it becomes more overwhelming, which makes me feel even MORE depressed. And I let more and more go. No staying in touch with people, no exercising, no caring. It sucks. A lot.
And typically, I'll get in a really good routine and will be super productive...and then my routine will change. I'll spend a night away from home. Or get home too late to make dinner one night. And then BAM screw it all, how many episodes of Vampire Diaries can I squeeze into a Wednesday? (Answer: infinite amount if I just keep pausing on Damon's hip bone scenes.) I was really worried about this happening when we went to Denver this past weekend. I'd been doing really well at planning our meals, and doing all the dishes (The Foliage is in school and was doing homework, otherwise I would've left it to him), and making the bed, and putting away my clothes every night.
It hasn't gone totally smoothely.
I let clothes pile up, and skipped the dishes once or twice, and haven't really put in the time or effort to cook much this week. So here's what I'm committing to do: every single day, even if I'm in a hotel room, without any excuses, I will make the bed (coughstraightenthecomforteratleastcough), do the dishes, and put away my clothes. Every day. Those things have to happen. Until they do, no sleep. And suddenly I'm 79 and want to be asleep by 9, so motivation for this is high.
Maybe someday I can be the kind of person with enough discipline to learn a new language at home. Or GEEZ study for and pass the CPA exam. (But then never ever work as a CPA ever again because YECH worst ever.)