Monday, May 21, 2012

just do it

Over the weekend, The Foliage and I took an introduction to sailing course through Skillshare, which is THE COOLEST site ever. Or it will be, once more types of classes are added. But that's up to each community. So. Teach a class, people!

Even though we've been sailing plenty of times before, it was nice to go out on a body of water we don't know, in a type of boat we hadn't used before, with someone who instructs differently than my father. Apparently NOBODY actually says "Ready, coming about!" and then "Hardalee" or "Jibe ho"! Which was, lemme tell ya, a shock to me. It was the instructor's first time teaching a group, and the wind went from super erratic to....gone. So the whole session was a little choppy. But still fun. And I learned more technical stuff about using the wind than I'd known before.

And now I'm thinking about teaching a class. Looking at Skillshare before, I'd wondered what I could teach. (Because of course I feel an overwhelming responsibility to pay knowledge-sharing forward. Duh.) I know TONS of stuff that no one else seems to (what do you MEAN you didn't grow up DIYing your entire life???), but I couldn't think of anything I know well enough to be an authority on the subject. While we were on the boat, a couple of the other students mentioned sewing as an interest. I know sewing! I can totally teach that!

My idea for a course is this: A two or three-hour class, bring your sewing machine if you have one, otherwise take turns on mine. This means I'd probably teach 5 people MAX at a time. That could get nuts otherwise. I'd charge $20 or $25 per person, but I'd provide the materials for the class. We'd make slipcovers for throw pillows and learn to hem pants. Which was specifically mentioned (on the boat) as something people want to learn to do.

So in one introductory class, people would get a basic overview of a sewing machine, threading it, how to fight with a bobbin and win, getting comfortable with seams, learn the importance of ironing fabric BEFORE DOING OTHER STUFF. I'd provide fabric and pillow forms, and pants/skirts from the thrift store to practice hemming. I thought about suggesting people bring their own hemming-needs-items, but then I'd have to have ALL THE COLORS of thread, so.

Thoughts? Ideas for alternate projects/class durations or locations/skills to be taught? Anyone wanna collaborate on teaching a more involved, longer (probably daytime on a weekend) course?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i don't wanna lose your love tonight

So the dentist yesterday...left all my teeth in my head. Which was unexpected. Apparently I don't have ONE cavity. No fillings, no root canals, no nothing. I do have to go back for a second cleaning because they need SPECIAL tools to remove all the cement from my permanent retainers (both of which fell off a few years ago because my orthodontist was completely crap). Also I have to floss TWICE per day for the forseeable future. My gums are in flames I guess.
This is just. I don't understand. I haven't seen a dentist in 13 years, at LEAST. And for most of those years, I didn't brush my teeth. College? Nah. Post-college? Sometimes. I got a little better once The Foliage and I moved in together, but I really only became GOOD about it (and now I'm very good) after getting married. Logic says my teeth should be glorified swiss cheese by now.
I mean, I'm super excited about it. But also I was emotionally prepared to leave that dentist's office with dentures. So. A little let down.
One thing that's weird is apparently my top gum is broken? The dentist said it looked like I'd had a cleft palate, which is not the case. It only occurred to me last night that that was probably due to my orthodontia. One of the appliances I had in my face as a teenager expanded the roof of my mouth. It was TERRIBLE. Not the worst of the appliances, but pretty awful. I had to stick a key-thing in my mouth, and crank this gear-deal to widen my palate a leeeeeeeettle bit every day. It seemed like an unnecessary thing at the time, and now I'm almost CERTAIN it was.
In other news: starting a savings account for kids' orthodontia now. Feel free to send donations.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

rumor has it

Some probably-overwrought, somewhat-obvious observations from yesteday's rainy hike:
-Nature is beautiful at all times, in all seasons and circumstances.
-Manufactured environments (cities, things that have been paved, man-made lakes) are only beautiful in certain situations. The wrong situations make them look like death.
-In nature, getting ahead means submitting. Realizing you are small. Using what you are given.
-In business, getting ahead requires some amount of manipulation, conscious or not. And on some level seeing yourself as better than other people. Maybe even seeing yourself as the best.
-I wonder if the above two have anything to do with reduced religiosity/increased atheism in urban centers.
-That's based on personal experience, not published statistics.
-I should learn how to work our camera better. And also use it more.
-"Is that a dead fish?" "I don't know, maybe." "Poke it!" "What? No YOU poke it." "ON IT." "I was...that wasn't a serious suggest-oh geez you're doing it." "It's a dead fish." "Great."
-We live in a place surrounded by beauty.
-If you show up to a park at 7:30pm, a park ranger will make you stop your car to tell you that SERIOUSLY they're closing in half an hour. But he will also very solemnly nod his understanding when you express you just HAD to get out for a walk.
-If you then actually leave on time, you'll realize the only thing stopping you would've been orange cones. And you'll feel like a sucker.
-Maybe next time you can check your email AFTER the hike. Ze internetz don't close at 8:10. Parks do.
In summary: I love doing stuff with my husband, and I'm becoming increasingly disturbed by the amount of time I spend downtown. It seems so innocuous and normal until all of a sudden it doesn't. I need more time away from concrete and buildings and crowds. Luckily I married a puppy, so he's pretty much always down with activities. Especially if frisbees are involved.

Monday, May 14, 2012

so many dashes

I haven't worked out since before going to California. Not once. I guess you could consider some of the stuff we did in California to be exercise...there were several LONG hikes. But mostly I just ate my way through the Bay Area.
It was glorious.
But also my muscles have completely left the building. I feel like such a weakling.
So tonight The Foliage and I are going for a hike! No idea why, but after metroing and walking through the rain this morning, I had a really intense desire to go for a hike in the rain. So BRING IT NATURE.
Also one week from Friday I'm going to Denver for my organization's quadrannual convention. Three people I grew up with in Ohio now live in Denver. So I sent them a message on Facebook, inviting them out for a drink while I'm there.
Oh, that sounds so simple! So easy and straightforward! Spoiler alert: it was not.
Growing up in a VERY small town in Ohio, I went to the only private Catholic school available. From kindergarten through eighth grade. And I was so unpopular. You can't even possible understand how unpopular.
Which is kind of where this gets convoluted, because was I? I have no idea how much of my social standing was real and how much was completely imagined. Looking back, I know that everyone in my class was very nice. There were some momentary exceptions of not-so-nice, but for the most part, I grew up around kids who were being raised by people who were just as nice as my parents. And I can't remember any out-of-nowhere cruelty. What I DO remember is being the awkwardest, sensitivest, smelliest kid in town.
True story: I still don't use soap. Shampoo, sure (for now...we'll see how this goes in the long term). But soap? What is so wrong with my body that I need to strip it of what it creates every day? I don't trust that jazz. But as a little kid (coughandhighschoolercough) I didn't make much of an effort to even appear clean. I still feel like I'm figuring out hygiene. It's a process. And it involves companies tricking women into thinking they need to spend $20+ to wash their faces.
More different sidenote! Tomorrow I'm going to my first dentist appointment in, like, 10 years. More like 12 or 13. It's hard to be sure. I am not excited about it, but I currently have the baddest ever ass benefits, so I'm taking care of it NOW. Also because The Foliage is making me.
Unpopular. Probably. And I still have so much anxiety surrounding my feelings about my classmates. I mean, from the age of 5 until I was 13...I just felt like a total sh*t. I wasn't invited to parties everyone else was. I didn't have inside jokes with everyone. Everything I said was wrong. Everything I did was weird. I lied a lot. But also had (have) a terrible memory, so I'd get caught all the time. I have more cringe-memories from my time at that school than the rest of the years of my life combined.
But now I am awesome! And I would (ahem) totally marry myself! Clearly these old classmates will be sorry they didn't suck up to me back in the dizzay.
So I realized that these three people now live in Denver. Where I'm going. And I think, "I'll just post a status about how I'm going, and then they can let me know if they want to meet up." But then I think, "Ceej, that is DUMB. You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect people to do the work for something they don't even know is happening." And then I ranted to The Foliage in my standard, super calm and thoughtful manner, and he told me to calm down and just ask them out.
Oh. Oh right. That is a thing. That totally sane and reasonable people do. So I composed a message. And then I agonized over the message for approximately 7 jillion hours. While The Foliage patiently listened to me having an out-loud panic attack, and tried to keep the volume of his eye-rolling to a minimum.
And then I hit "send." And I think I died? I'm not sure. I blacked out for a little bit. But then! Like just an hour or so later, one of them replied! And they were all, "Yeah, it'd be great to catch up!" In a totally not weird way! And then I kicked myself for being such a strange, strange, anxious person.
And since then I've been trying to come up with THE perfect "haven't seen you in 13 years and I'm not hitting on you, but don't I seem so TOTALLY KICK ASS now compared to when we were little kids?" outfit. Skinny jeans and boots will probably be involved, and lots of mascara. I mean obviously. And what I'm really trying to say here is I've never been more nervous to go drink in my entire life. Anyone got some valium laying around?