Tuesday, July 10, 2012

escape route

On Friday The Foliage and I are beginning our trek to Cape Cod for a week of vacation. Woooo awesome!!!!
That is only 12% sarcastic. 88% is ferrealz really really excited about the beach, the time away from it all, and seeing family. The 12% is primarily food-related. Because I don't know if you've noticed or heard? I'm kind of a pain in the ass about food now. When people ask about my dietary restrictions, I can barely handle getting into it. I totally want to share the good news! But also OMG I'm that girl now! And I try really hard not to be that girl! It's a conundrum.
This is an annual trip, taken with my immediate family, and most of my mom's immediate family. Half of them are vegetarian. Do you know what it's really hard to accommodate when you're a vegetarian? Um...everything I eat. Once in a while I'll have a bite or take a sip of something non-paleo or Weston A. Price-approved. But really not that often. The Foliage eats the same as I do, but if "cheat" foods are available, he doesn't have as many qualms about partaking. My preferred cooking fat is lard, for crissakes! I'm so screwed.
Bottom line: I'm prepping a bunch of food for us. To drive to Massachusetts. See? That girl. The one with several coolers of superioritysnacks. Ugh! Here are some of the things I'm preparing this week:
Baked Oatmeal (Yeah, not paleo...the grains are soaked to break down the phytic acid, the main antinutrient that paleo hates. Also I made this yesterday and it is DENSE. Sheesh.)
Scotch Eggs (Made a batch of these last week...went over REALLY well)
Yogurt (See above. Culturing the dairy breaks down harmful components and lets good bacteria grow. Also I just put my yogurt into jars and into the oven with the light on, rather than one big batch in a crockpot like the blog post's author does.)
Fruit Sauces/Compotes (To add to the yogurt. Using raw local honey to sweeten as necessary.)
Jerky (Buy thinly sliced beef with as little fat as possible, season as desired, and put in dehydrator or warm-but-not-hot oven until it's not raw anymore.)
Sourdough Bread (I made the starter last week, and am going to soak spelt flour tonight. Also? Getting a water filter made a HUGE difference in the fermentation of the starter. I mean whoa. I'm excited to have bread to throw together sandwiches for quick meals.)
Sunshine Sauce (For dipping vegetables.) Possibly also Tahini Dressing.
Sweet Potato Chips (We may or may not have a prolific sweet potato stockpile after a recent farmer's market visit...)
I already have in the fridge mayonnaise, cream cheese, lacto-fermented saur kraut, and roasted beets.
This sounds like a lot of food. It IS a lot of food. But I don't know whether it'll be enough. And my goal is to do all of it without buying ANY ingredients. I think we have everything we need already. But those grocery emergencies, man. They'll getcha. Now? To the kitchen!

Friday, July 6, 2012

untitled dude

I am currently, finally, creating our wedding albums. For ourselves, the parents and the grandparents. And oh man. One of the most miserable tasks of life. On the one hand, super fun, because I get to go through our amazing wedding photos over and over and over again! On the other...I have to go through the photos over. and over. and over. again. And "throw out" invariably amazing photos because they won't all fit. It is exhausting and stressful.

But I'm going to be SO relieved when it's not on my to-do list anymore.

Exciting: this place is really close to our house and they have weekly services! Seriously?? A worship center specifically designed for Jewish-Christian interfaith families? Oh MAN I am gonna tear those discussions UP!